Licensure Disclosures

Professional Licensure Disclosures

Seattle University offers several programs leading to professional licensure within the State of Washington. However, states vary in what professions they require to be licensed and how licensure is acquired. Some states might require that an individual simply graduate from an accredited program. Others might require individuals to obtain additional coursework, additional fieldwork, background checks, passage of additional state licensing exams, additional fees, or other requirements.

While students who graduate from a licensure program at Seattle University will typically possess the minimum educational qualifications to apply for Washington licensure, this may not be the case for other U.S. states and territories.

This page provides guidance on whether the education students receive at Seattle University will prepare them for the applicable licensing exam in a particular state.

Possible Changes to Requirements

While this page is reviewed and updated annually, state licensure requirements are subject to change. We strongly encourage you to check with the state licensing board where you intend to seek licensure and practice to confirm all licensing requirements. Make sure you understand and consider the implications of the additional requirements prior to enrolling in a program intended to lead to professional licensure.

Relocating to Another State

It is also important to be aware that relocating to another state during the course of a program may impact if the student can remain in the program, meet the state licensure requirements and/or continue to receive financial aid funding. Prior to considering relocation, please contact your program advisor to discuss authorization and licensure eligibility requirements.

Please select the state and program you are interested in below to determine if the Seattle University curriculum meets, does not meet, or if we are in the process of determining whether it meets the educational requirements for licensure in that state. To be directed to the state board licensing site, click on the State Licensure Board link.

Seattle University Licensure Disclosures