Tuition and Fees

Estimated DNP Program Costs

Tuition Cost Per Credit

Total tuition costs are based on individual program of study. 

One-Time Fees

A $500 Admission Deposit and $175 Matriculation Fee is paid in your first year. 

Other Fees and Costs

Estimated annual fees and costs will vary depending on year of program.

Tuition, fees and other program costs are estimated based on graduate tuition, fees and charges for the 2023-2024 academic year and are subject to change. 


One-Time Fees

Type of Fee Amount
Admission Deposit (Paid Year 1, deposit goes toward first quarter bill) $500
Matriculation Fee (Paid Year 1, non-refundable) $175

Annual Fees and Costs

Type of Fee Amount
Program Specific Fee ($255/quarter)  $1,020
Wellness Fee ($158/quarter) $632
Technology Fee ($192/quarter) $768
Graduate Activity Fee ($10/quarter) $40
CPR Certification (bi-annually) $50
Health Insurance (annual estimate for SU grad student) $2,500
Liability Insurance (annually starting at $600)  $600
Health Physical/Immunization/Testing Requirements $350
Uniform/Lab Coat/Scrubs $160
Books (new) $1,350

Total Annual Fees and Costs: $7,470

Note: Estimated costs for the Year 1 of the APNI to DNP program are $10,843. Click button below for more information. 

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Current Students

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