Clinical Performance Lab

Clinical practice space

Seattle University's Clinical Performance Lab is highly utilized and a site of innovative teaching and learning. Located a few blocks from the Seattle University main campus at Swedish Cherry Hill Medical Center, the Clinical Performance Lab is a state-of-the-art, 20,000 square foot facility housing nursing simulation suites, skills laboratory areas, teaching spaces and a research commons.

The Clinical Performance Lab provides students with the opportunity to translate theoretical knowledge into a safe clinical experience using realistic patient scenarios. High-fidelity manikins used in the laboratory are capable of numerous physiological states and responses, giving the student the most “real-life” experience as possible. 

Additionally, each student in the nurse practitioner and midwifery tracks of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program are provided with standardized patient opportunities in the simulated six-room outpatient clinic, pairing them with trained actors that give students confidence and real human feedback about the development of their advanced practice assessment and diagnostic skills. With a dedicated simulation coordinator on staff to conduct simulations, our nursing instructors are able to focus more closely on student learning outcomes.  

In addition to high-fidelity simulation areas, the Clinical Performance Lab houses an acute care simulated area, centrally located in the Clinical Performance Lab and is designed for realistic, clinical practice. This 24-bed laboratory affords students the opportunity for extensive skill learning and practice time.

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