The MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management is designed to help you gain the skills the industry values while building your network!

We have done our best to compile a list of frequently asked questions; please reach out if you do not find an answer on this list.

Applications & Admissions

Q: What do I need to submit to complete my application?

A: Feel free to submit the required materials as you collect them and use AppTracker to keep track of what you’re still missing:

  • Official Transcripts
    Your official transcripts must reflect a four-year bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) and any post-baccalaureate work.
    Please note that we calculate your GPA from the last two years of your coursework.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    Two letters of recommendation from individuals who have evaluated your academic work or supervised practical experience.
    These letters should address your potential for academic success at the graduate level, specifically noting how well you fit the mission and goals of Seattle University and the MBA SEM program.
    We recommend at least 2 from professors, however, if you have been out of school for more than 5 years, we can accept letters from former employers.
  • Essay
    A 400-word essay describing how the MBA SEM program will help you achieve personal and professional goals.
    The essay should specifically focus on how the mission, goals, learning outcomes, and classes, fit your personal brand, professional goals, and career trajectory.
  • Professional Résumé

Q: Do I have to have a sports management or business background to be admitted to the new program?

A: Not at all! We purposely look for students from a variety of backgrounds and majors. Sport and entertainment business intersects many disciplines, and cultivating knowledge in an area that you’re interested in will allow you to think critically about how to apply that knowledge in a sport context. Having said that we do have business majors accepted to the program, and they enjoy a deeper understanding specific to sport.

Q: When is the deadline to submit my application?

A: We admit students once a year for a Fall Quarter start. The priority deadline is February 15 for the cohort that begins in late September. After that, we accept applications until the cohort fills, and our final deadline is May 30.

Q: I have a low undergrad GPA. Would that be an issue when my application is being considered?

A: The average undergraduate GPA for students admitted to the program is 3.5. However, we only consider the last two years of your undergraduate courses when calculating your GPA. Thus, although generally, a 2.0 would not be competitive for admission to the program, if your GPA from the last two years of coursework is closer to 3.0, your application would be much more competitive.

Q: I am planning on attempting the joint program with the law school, can I use the LSAT score in place of the GMAT?

A: Yes, you can use your LSAT score in place of GMAT or GRE. But GRE and GMAT Scores are NOT required.

Curriculum & Experience 

Q: Why focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion?

A:  Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a hallmark of the MBA SEM, and we are proud to be the first program of its kind to prioritize DEI as a core philosophy.

Q: What are your classes like?

A:  We are known for our small class sizes and individualized attention.  Our classes generally range between 20 and 30 students, which allows for robust discussion and collaborative engagement.  Your professors will know you by name; you’ll develop close friendships and a real professional network.  These relationships will carry you throughout your education and career and can only be done in a smaller, more personal setting - the kind we are known for. 

Q: Why are the core MBA courses front-loaded in the first year of the program?

A: Most of the core MBA courses occur in the first year to provide you with a solid business foundation before you begin the sport-specific courses. These courses are also front-loaded so that you will be ready to apply these foundational business skills to real-world problems in your second-year fellowship with a sport or entertainment organization if you don’t work in the industry already.

Q: How do internship credits fit within the MBA SEM program?

A: All students have the opportunity to participate in the Fellowship Program during their second year.

Q: What is the Fellowship Program?

A:  The highlight of your immersion experience is our Fellowship Program! In your second year, you have the opportunity to be immersed in a Seattle sport organization, working 20 hours each week with a $15,000 stipend. The Fellowship Program is designed to provide meaningful work experiences while simultaneously developing your sport management knowledge in the classroom and providing opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. 

Q: Does the MBA SEM program offer an online option?

A: Yes, we offer a residential MBA SEM program at Seattle University located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in the heart of Seattle, Washington. And launching Fall 2024 we will offer an online option. Please reach out for questions about the online and in-person options.


Tuition & Financial Aid

Q: What is the tuition for MBA SEM?

A: The MBA SEM program is 48 credits. Students take 15 MBA credits, 30 sport-specific courses, and three credits of electives. The approximate tuition is $43,182 over two years for those accepted to the Academic Year 2024-25 Cohort.

Q: Do I have to pay any fees?

A: Yes, here's a breakdown of fees per quarter:
Fee Type Cost per quarter
Wellness Fee $166
Technology Fee  $201
Graduate Activity Fee  $10

Q: Are scholarships available?

A:  Yes! Program Scholarships range between $2,400 - $8,000 each year, and the average award for the first academic year is $3600. All students are eligible and may receive an award at the time of admission. Students must enroll in the program full-time to receive a program scholarship.

Q: Can I also apply for federal student loans?

A:  Yes, most students use federal student loans by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). However, international students are not eligible for federal student loans. 

Q: Will I be able to work while taking classes?

A: Most of our students work while they attend the program. Because our classes are in the evenings, students may work or intern full- or part-time. Classes are scheduled 6:00 to 9:00  p.m. and are offered Monday-Thursday. Learn more about our course offerings and program schedule by signing up for a virtual info session.

Q: Are international students eligible for Graduate Assistantships?

A: Yes, international students are eligible for Graduate Assistantships.

 Q: How do I apply for Graduate Assistantships?

 A: Students may apply for a graduate assistantship position with Seattle University Athletics once they have been fully admitted to the program. For that reason, we recommend completing your application by the February 15th priority deadline. Applicants who complete their application by this deadline will receive notification sometime in March. That gives you plenty of time to prepare your GA application. We expect to know which positions are available sometime in late January. Get more information about graduate assistantships.


Life in Seattle

Q: How can I get information regarding housing?

Graduate students find their own housing. However, we do have some helpful information.

Seattle University Housing and Residence Life has limited availability in on-campus housing for graduate students.

  • Vi Hilbert Hall has a variety of apartment types available to Seattle University students. For more information, please visit their website: Vi Hilbert Hall
  • The Douglas Apartments have a variety of apartment types available to Seattle University students. For more information, please visit their website: The Douglas Apartments
  • The Yobi Apartments have studio apartments with community kitchens available for Seattle University students. To apply for a Yobi Apartment, please submit a Housing Application on the Housing Portal. For information about the apartments themselves, please visit the website: The Yobi

If you need assistance finding off-campus housing, you can visit our Off-Campus Housing site for information and possible available housing. The site includes a link for a listing of off-campus apartments near campus.

Helpful Facebook Pages:

Seattle University has also partnered with Places4Students, a company that specializes in providing off-campus housing solutions for students. This service is free for all students to use as an effective method of finding a place to live off-campus or finding a roommate. Students need not register to search listings. Landlords can list properties at very competitive rates (less than most other advertising media).

Contact Housing and Resident Life for more information.





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