Fellowship Program

The Highlight of your Experiential Immersion

The highlight of your immersion experience is our Fellowship Program. The program is designed to offer students a chance for a meaningful work experience while simultaneously developing their sport and entertainment management knowledge in the classroom.

The Fellowship Program provides the ideal learning environment for you to apply and reflect upon the interplay of your work and course content so that you grow both personally and professionally. With ongoing attention to inclusive excellence throughout this process, you will develop life-long habits of learning and reflection, develop a strong understanding of how to create inclusive workplaces, and build skills for innovative and effective problem-solving.

The Process

You begin the program with courses that cover foundational content, Your first year is frontloaded with courses that develop your business acumen and leadership skills.

During the winter of your first year, all positions available in the Fellowship Program are announced. Students select their top two to three Fellowships they want to apply for and submit their applications just as they would for a real job. The organizations conduct interviews and determine their top choices over a one- to two-month process.

By spring quarter, students are informed of their Fellowship position and begin work as agreed upon by the host organization. In general, fellowships begin in summer. However, they can begin earlier or later depending on the organization’s needs.






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