Leadership Executive MBA

What is an Executive MBA?

EMBAs prepare the experienced manager or professional with both the skills and the principles that enable effective decision-making at strategic levels within organizations.

Albers' EMBA Program is Like No Other.

Building on the foundation of the Executive Leadership Program, the Leadership Executive MBA (LEMBA) focuses on core business expertise, executive leadership, and social responsibility. You'll broaden your leadership perspective through our EMBA curriculum, rigorous application, and dedicated one-on-one executive coaching. You’ll examine all aspects of leadership, helping you develop and leverage your: 

  • Confidence in applying personal authenticity and ethical character to influence others.
  • Focus on the social impact of your business and organizational decisions.
  • Competence in communication and collaboration to be an effective change agent.

You'll Gain Business Tools to Formulate and Solve Complex Problems.

Albers' Leadership EMBA Program will equip you with a palette of tools to increase your strategic thinking abilities. Current business trends are integrated throughout the curriculum while drawing on student work experience. This will ultimately lead to you achieving the LEMBA program's learning outcomes.

You’ll learn:

  • How to shape strategy … and how to use those strategies to make a better world.
  • How to inspire… and how to mobilize people for greatness.
  • How to drive results … and how to determine which results to drive.

First year EMBA courses: Focus on accounting, economics, statistics, team building, leading responsible organizations, ethics, negotiations, role of business in social justice, communications, and executive coaching.

Second year EMBA courses: Explore the connections between operations and strategy, including discussions about marketing, organizational performance and how information and communications technology enables new ways of doing business. An individual strategic, executive project integrates the two years of learning, helping students demonstrate their newly acquired skills.

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You’ll Expand Your Professional Network.

Our classrooms are team-based, so you’ll learn as much from your peers as you will from your instructors. Our typical participant has 12 to 19 years’ of professional experience and comes from a wide range of industries, firms, job functions, and backgrounds. It’s a wonderful way to create rewarding and long-lasting connections. Our active alumni and social events can also help broaden your network.

You’ll Have Access to Top Faculty.

Our expert faculty are highly skilled at merging theory with practice in the classroom. Most have both industry and research experience, as well as great success instructing executive audiences. We also invite accomplished guest speakers to provide added insight.

You’ll Like the Schedule.

All of our executive education programs meet once a month in compact, two- to three-day modules, which is a plus for most participants. The compressed schedule allows participants to graduate in six academic quarters. Meeting days are typically Thursday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You’ll Learn in a Thriving Business Community.

Seattle is exceptional in the number of homegrown businesses that have emerged as global companies with household names. From technology and aerospace to biotech and coffee, the industries here are as diverse as they are accomplished–and you’ll come to draw on that spirit of leadership for your own inspiration.

The EMBA program will change your life. I use what I learned every day. Before the EMBA, I was much more a manager than a leader. After the EMBA, I definitely evolved into a leader. My description of a manager is someone who makes sure people do stuff. My description of a leader is someone who gets people to want to do great stuff.

Dan Wall, '08 LEMBA President, Global Products, Expeditors International of Washington