Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Courses

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Your courses will challenge you academically, politically, personally and give you the expertise to deal positively and effectively with issues of gender and sexuality facing individuals and society.

  • The Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGST 2010) examines women's roles in society from multiple perspectives and disciplines
  • Theory and methods courses (WGST 3710 and 3720) give you the intellectual grounding and analytical tools to evaluate feminist critical scholarship
  • Your electives in a range of fields will expand your horizons and allow you to analyze the connections between gender inequalities and other forms of discrimination such as race, class, sexuality, and ethnicity
  • In a seminar, you put methods and theories together to address a compelling problem and write a thesis paper.
  • In your final year, a capstone course pulls all the threads together by focusing on a single text, complex question, vexing issue, or intractable public policy.

What Will I Study?

The pedagogy of feminist, gender, and sexuality studies, rooted in important and innovative research, rigorously challenges cultural assumptions about multiple forms of gender and sexual difference as constructed by culture and history. We address global and transnational feminist and queer movements, the historical roots of gender-based inequality, hierarchies of knowledge; queer social and political movements, the ethical and theological foundations of gender and human rights, and intersecting oppressive forces of race, sexuality, class, and colonialism.

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