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Theology & Religious Studies, BA

Explore the Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies at Seattle University. Explore Christianity and otherworld religions.

About this Program

Integrated and Justice-Focused Approach to Theology and Religious Studies

Seattle University’s Theology and Religious Studies Department helps you develop the skills and knowledge to engage critically and effectively with the multi-religious dimensions of human life.

We approach the study of theology and religious studies in an integrated manner with the opportunity to specialize in either Christian Theology or Comparative Religion. You are introduced to multiple aspects of religion such as beliefs, faith, rituals, ethics, spirituality and sacred texts.

In keeping with the Jesuit, Catholic commitment of Seattle University, our theology and religious studies department emphasizes an in-depth study of the Catholic tradition in dialogue with other religious and secular perspectives.

In addition, students study the internal diversity within Christianity and other religious traditions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Theology and religious studies at Seattle University addresses the experiences and realities of oppressed peoples and the integral relationship between religion and social justice in local and global contexts.

Theology and Religious Studies at a Glance

Learn how this degree from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University degree can be.

Our theology and religious studies curriculum invites students to reflect upon their own experiences and questions about ultimate reality. It teaches the skills and understanding to address such experiences and questions. We also ask that you designate a specialization in either Christian theology or comparative religion.

Specialization in Christian Theology

Students interested in the beliefs, texts, practices, spirituality and ethics of the Christian tradition from an in-depth, theological perspective may choose the Christian theology specialization.

Christian Theology Four-Year Program of Study

Specialization in Comparative Religion

Students who want to study religions such as Judaism, Islam and Buddhism in addition to Christianity may choose to specialize in comparative religion where they have the opportunity to examine these traditions in themselves or in dialogue with each other.

Comparative Religion Four-Year Program of Study

Right after graduation our majors and minors have gone directly into the workforce at nonprofit organizations such as L’Arche, churches in professional ministry positions and Catholic high schools as theology teachers. A minor in religious studies helps us to better engage in reflection about life’s greatest questions while deepening our understanding of human nature.

The degree program in theology and religious studies enables students to:

  1. Describe and apply varied methodologies in theology and religious studies.
  2. Interpret religious texts in their literary and socio-historical settings, recognizing the role of social location at each level of interpretation.
  3. Explain and illustrate the ethical dimension intrinsic to religion, and the relation between ethical discernment and religious traditions.
  4. Demonstrate a comparative understanding of at least one major world religion in addition to Christianity in areas such as, but not limited to, scripture, ethics, rituals, interreligious dialogue, and spirituality.
  5. Describe and analyze the historical development of a religious tradition, recognizing the influence of cultural context in its formation.

What You’ll Learn

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SU Alumni Jared Fontenette

Jared Fontenette, '22

"My THRS education taught me how to think critically about the world and my role in it. I was exposed to a wide variety of perspectives and was taught to think through issues in a number of ways. THRS challenged me to think outside of my existing framework of understanding the world, and it helped me refine my values through my engagement with new ways of thinking. Because of THRS, I am able to see a problem from multiple angles and not get stuck in a singular mindset when devising a solution."

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