Program Summary

Entry into the Theatre major is contingent upon an Entrance Review. Note that if you have your Entrance Review before being accepted into Seattle University, your acceptance into the major is contingent upon your acceptance into the university. For more information regarding University Admission, click here. For more information regarding the Theatre Entrance Review, click here or download more information here: Theatre Major Entrance Requirements.

The Theatre program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, and Minors in Theatre Performance and Theatre Production.

Students in the B.A. theatre major take a rounded curriculum that includes classes in acting, design, directing, theatre history and stage management. Electives include classes in playwriting, advanced acting, advanced design and puppetry. Our mainstage productions are a central component of the program providing intensive practical learning opportunities under professional guidance.

Departmental Honors:

Outstanding students are encouraged to apply for departmental honors. Honors students pursue an independent project that is presented usually at the end of their senior year. The application and selection process for honors is rigorous: students begin consulting with faculty advisors in their junior year and submit a proposal in the fall of their senior year. The proposal is reviewed by the entire Fine Arts faculty.

Past honors projects have included solo performances, exhibitions of design work, direction of a play, staging of original works. Students who complete honors graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with Departmental Honors.

To see samples of Honors Projects, check out our Student Work page.  

Download more PAAL Honors Info Sheet 2020 and the PAAL Honors Application.

Sample Classes

THTR 2500 Acting I: Introduction to acting using the body as an element of composition: movement, body language, mask work, and sensory awareness.   
THTR 2600 Design for Theatre I: Introduction to the elements of theatre set, light, and costume design. 
THTR 2140 History of Costume: History of Western European clothing, examining clothing as cultural artifact.  
THTR 3400 Movement: Students learn aspects of theatrical movement including stage combat and dance.
THTR 4040 Playwrighting: Creative writing for performance.  Includes development, structure, and editing. 
THTR 420 Directing: Theory and practice of directing for the stage.  Culminates in the presentation of a live performance. 

Degree Program in Theatre

A Theatre major is 60 credits including the following required courses: 
  THTR 1100 Stage Management (2 credits)      
  THTR 2110 Theatre History and Literature I (5 credits)  
  THTR 2120 Theatre History and Literature II (5 credits) 
  THTR 2140 History of Costume (5 credits) 
  THTR 2500 Acting I (5 credits)  
  THTR 2600 Design in the Theatre (5 credits)    
  THTR 4000 Performance/Production Practicum* (5 credits)

Choose one of the following:  
  THTR 2650 Audio Recording (3 credits) 
  THTR 3400 Movement (3 credits)  
  THTR 3700 Lighting Design (3 credits) 

Choose two of the following:  
  THTR 3300 Costume Design (5 credits) 
  THTR 3500 Acting II (5 credits) 
  THTR 3600 Scenic Design (5 credits)  
Choose one of the following:  
  THTR 4040 Playwrighting (5 credits)  
  THTR 4200 Directing (5 credits)  
  THTR 4300 Puppetry (5 credits) 
  THTR 4500 Acting III (5 credits)  
  THTR 4600 Advanced Projects in Design (5 credits)

  THTR Electives at the 300-400 level (10 credits)

*Theatre majors are required to take 1 credit of THTR 4000 each quarter in residence at SU during junior and senior years, with a minimum of 5 total credits required for graduation.

Other degree programs in theatre:  B.A. Interdisciplinary Arts with a theatre emphasis; minors in areas of performance and production;

For more detailed information regarding the degree programs in theatre, visit the Online Catalog.



Claire Garoutte
Interim Chair, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Janet Hayatshahi
Director, Theatre Program

Aly Bedford
Program Coordinator

Stefanie Fatooh
Director of Arts Programming