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2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents
p. 2  New Editor for the Newsletter
p. 5 Report on the 2017 Conference and on the Business Meeting:
p. 6  Information on the 2018 Conference,
p. 7  Information on the 2019 Conference, Molde University College, Molde, Norway 
p. 9   Call for papers:
* Giving Voice to Experience Conference, Seattle, Washington, Saturday, March 3, 2018
* Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists, Montreal, Canada, June 1-3.
p. 8  In memoriam: Lester Embree
p. 9  International Human Science Research Archives at Seattle University
p. 10 Books: there are some really new interesting books this year. Take a look.
p. 12   Links/Connections
p. 15  Conference Sites and Themes, 1982-2018


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