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Photos of Paul Milan with friends and colleagues and text In Memoriam Paul Milan PhDDear Paul,

Friend, mentor, professor, colleague, we all had the fortune to be touched by your incredible kindnesses and unwavering faith in humanity.

We will miss you but your teachings will always be with us. Thank you!

Student Feature:

Erica Feild - BA in Spanish & French

Photo of student Erica FieldI graduated from SU with a BA in Spanish and French in 2011. As an undergraduate, I studied abroad in Granada, Spain and became curious about the history of the city. My senior year at SU, I took two courses with Dr. Earenfight on medieval Spain. The opportunity to combine my language studies with the history of a place that I had grown to love sparked interests that I’ve been chasing ever since. After graduating, I worked for a year as an English language instructor in Seattle. Yet, I couldn’t set aside the desire to continue my studies in Spanish and Spanish history, so I enrolled in a master’s program that focused on the history of the Muslim and Jewish populations in medieval Iberia at the Universidad de Granada. But one year in Spain wasn’t enough. Pursuing interests in translation that Victor Reinking had encouraged in his French courses, I completed a MA in Translation at the Universidad de Zaragoza.

Six years after my time in Spain, I am now a PhD candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at New York University. For me, one of the best things about working on a PhD is the opportunities that it provides for travel. Over the last five years, my studies have brought me to Morocco for Arabic immersion courses, as well to France, Mexico, and Spain to work in archives! In the next year, I will be completing dissertation research in Mexico, the Philippines, and Spain with generous support from a Fulbright-Hays award. My project analyzes textual representations of Muslims and converts from Islam (moriscos) across the Spanish Empire (c. 1500 - c. 1700) with a focus on the regions surrounding present-day Granada, Mexico City, Manila, and Mindanao. After finishing my dissertation, I look forward to working as a Spanish professor at a university that prioritizes unique, engaging coursework and offers rewarding study abroad experiences. Ultimately, my goal is to help students create deep connections with their languages of study—connections that expand and create new opportunities as students integrate their language skills with their goals, strengths, and curiosities.

About the Modern Languages & Cultures Department

The foreign language programs in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic recognize academic, cultural, and practical purposes.


Foreign language study aims at broadening the scope of the student's intellectual development by affording both a facility in foreign languages and knowledge of other cultures. This end is achieved through the major programs in foreign languages or double majors that couple a major or minor in a foreign language with a major in another field.


Learning about another culture and civilization—its history, geography, literature, and art—through the medium of its language leads to a better understanding of one's self and the world in which we live. To achieve this goal, all foreign languages are taught in their cultural context. Courses in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish are taught in the vernacular.


Career opportunities involving foreign languages are expanding. For the university graduate with a specialization in a particular field and with proficiency in foreign languages, openings exist in the following fields: engineering, foreign trade, foreign service, international business, international law, librarianship, military, social work, teaching, tourism industry, and transportation. In addition, many graduate programs require proficiency in foreign language.

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