College of Arts and Sciences

Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work Department

Our department draws on the unique qualities of three disciplines to be a focal point at the university for the critical investigation of cultures, societies, and the individual's place within them. Anthropology offers the ability to understand, analyze, and compare diverse cultures from cultural, archeological, linguistic, and evolutionary perspectives. Sociology provides the "sociological imagination," an ability to examine the mutual dependence and influence between the individual and the structures of society. Social Work brings the knowledge and skills to develop and administer assistance to people coping with social problems, such as poverty, crime, and discrimination.

Together as one department, we are able to offer students a rigorous degree program in any one of our fields, while ensuring that each simultaneously benefits from the cross disciplinary perspective and active collaboration that characterize our faculty. We also have designated programs that take advantage of our multiple domains of expertise, such as the joint Anthropology-Sociology degree.

Our faculty are excellent teachers and active scholars who—by virtue of what they teach, how they teach, and their commitment to those they are teaching--are especially qualified to develop students to be leaders for a just and humane world. Through courses that invite students to engage with faculty research and thoughtful use of programs likes study abroad and service-learning, students receive a participatory, student-centered experience that is a superb preparation for variety of career opportunities.

Degrees offered:

Cultural Anthropology: BA, minor
Sociology: BA, minor
Social Work: BSW, Social Welfare minor 


News and Events

Sociology Professor Jodi O'Brien published the 6th edition of her widely used text, The Production of Reality. Designed for college students, the collection of readings examines the concept of the self and the forces that shape one’s life, thought, and actions. More here.
Faculty Profile: Sociology Professor Rachel Luft was teaching in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. Read her interview about the experience and the lessons learned on the 10th anniversary of the disaster here.
Faculty Profile: Social Work Professor Amelia S. Derr, read the article and watch the video here.
Student Taylor Denton, majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Spanish, uses her language skills, classroom learning, and study-abroad and volunteer experiences to support families and communities of Tseltal Maya as an intern at the One Equal Heart Foundation. Read the article and watch the video here.