Learning Outcomes

I absolutely love my advisor and the faculty I've gotten advice from. They are very involved and want me to succeed. Out of all the departments I have experience with, the Math Department has been the most helpful to me personally.

2018 SU Student

Mathematics Department Student Learning Outcomes

The mathematics faculty at Seattle University aims to prepare students to use and continue their study of mathematics after graduation. Graduates should have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in appropriate employment in teaching, business, or industry or to enter a graduate program in mathematics, statistics, mathematics education, or related field. They should possess the confidence, independence, and knowledge base to learn new mathematical ideas and skills. To this end, mathematics majors who complete any of the three mathematics programs at Seattle University will:

  • Possess breadth of mathematical knowledge. Students will demonstrate an understanding of foundational mathematics in calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.
  • Possess depth of mathematical knowledge. Building upon a solid foundation, students will demonstrate a depth of understanding in advanced mathematical topics.
  • Develop algorithms and use computation proficiently. Students will possess strong algorithmic reasoning skills and be able to analyze and solve a wide variety of mathematical and real-world problems either exactly or approximately. They will know when and how to use software or programming languages in their analysis of these problems.
  • Understand and write rigorous proofs for theorems. Students will be skilled in a variety of proof methods and have strong axiomatic reasoning skills. They will be able to apply these skills creatively to make persuasive logical arguments in various contexts.
  • Communicate mathematical ideas effectively in speech, writing, and collaborative groups. Students will use precise mathematical language and express results verbally and in writing. They will be capable of working collaboratively to frame and solve complex problems.