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Far from static, mathematics is a flourishing and radically various collection of practices, realizations, pattern recognitions, arguments, educated guesses, and logics, stretching back through the last 5000 years of human history and erupting in one form or another from almost every group of humans we know about. Given this reality, we believe that students who major in mathematics at Seattle University need to engage, deeply, with the fertile creative side of mathematics, else their understanding of this venerable and complex human way of knowing would be incomplete. One way we help students immerse themselves in this way is by mentoring them in undergraduate research, exploring questions at and even beyond the boundaries of what is mathematically known. Using the navigation links at left, you can find titles and brief descriptions of some of the forms that past such explorations have taken. In some cases, you can find links to published work.

New Faculty Research

MBE (Mathematical Biosciences & Engineering) Journal Cover

Mathematical Biosciences & Engineering

Volume 15, Number 4, August 2018, pp. 841-862

Continuous & Pulsed Epidemiological Models for Onchocerciasis with Implications for Eradication Strategy

Authors: Glenn Ledder, Donna Sylvester, Rachelle R. Bouchat, Johann A. Thiel

Abstract: Onchocerciasis is an endemic disease in parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Complex mathematical models are being used to assess the likely efficacy of efforts to eradicate the disease; however, their predictions have not always been borne out in practice. In this paper, we represent the immunological aspects of the disease with a single empirical parameter in order to reduce the model complexity.