Service Learning

Colorful mural from the Bailey Gatzert school in support of curiosity and creativity

Service learning begins with the development of a relationship between a community member or organization and faculty or staff at Seattle University. Together, community partners, staff members from the Center for Community Engagement, and faculty members discuss the community partners’ needs and how they might connect with the goals of a SU faculty member’s course.

In mathematics, service-learning courses often partner with local schools where SU students have the opportunity to tutor young scholars in mathematics. Service-learning courses have been offered through the math department in UCOR 1200 (Quantitative Literacy & Social Justice), MATH 1021 (Precalculus: Algebra), and MATH 2080 (Mathematics for K-8 Teachers). To provide these experiences, SU faculty and staff have partnered with schools such as Bailey Gatzert Elementary School, Washington Middle School, Seattle World School, Horn of Africa Services, Seattle Girls School, and others.

If you're interested in taking part in our Service Learning program, please reach out to the faculty currently teaching the courses noted above.

For some general information about Service Learning, click on this link to a PRIMUS article co-authored by SU Math Faculty members Allison Henrich, McLean Sloughter, and Eric Bahuaud: Addressing Negative Math Attitudes With Service-Learning. Or read this AMS blog post by SU Math Professor Katya Yurasovskaya: Service Learning In a Precalculus Classroom.

I remember a student came up to me and just spilled his life story about how he only lived with his mom and sisters... I remember him saying, 'I like having you around.' And I feel like since then, I had a little reality check and needed to remind myself that just being there to talk with him makes a big difference.

Service Learning Tutor