Student Research Projects

Student Research Projects


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Project Student Advisor(s)
Evolutionary Origins of Coloration in Alpheus A. Gillespie Hultgren
Catching yourself after you slip: creating slightly deleterious alleles in E. coli A. McConachie & Z.
Bushtit Nesting Habits on SU Campus C. Bresee and B.
Comparing Intein Effects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae D. Yee  DuBois
Mossing Around: Comparing Invertebrate Communities in Orthotrichium lyelli moss between Urban Areas and Old Growth Forest G. Veltri  Hultgren
Inteins! Who is the fastest escape artist? J. Abullarade Zanis
Investigating the formation of BREX protein complexes with DNA Part I J. Albert and S.
Catching yourself after you slip: creating slightly deleterious alleles in E. coli J. Kahn and T.
Genomic and genetic diversity of chloroplasts in green algae K. Maruna Zanis
Catching yourself after you slip: creating slightly deleterious alleles in E. coli M Lebaron and B.
Examining myxobacteria and 3-MBA M. Kahwaty  Smith
DNA barcoding of crustaceans from Guam reveal the need for better DNA sequences in GenBank M. Spandler & S.
Assessing Seawall Removal as an Effective Marine Restoration Approach: Not a Shore Thing Marine Restoration
Ecology Class 
Investigating the formation of BREX protein complexes with DNA Part II S. McGuire Kaiser


Project Student Advisor(s)
Bushtits feeding on flower nectar in winter A. Berg and F.
Nature's Escape Artists: Viral Inteins in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Systems A. Carroll and E.
Comparing genetic inheritance via sporulation of S. cerevisiae mutants prepared in two ways  D. Chinn  DuBois
Arabidopsis thaliana respose to sulfur  D. Imanishi Zanis
Species delimitation of goby-dwelling shrimp I. Hawksford Hultgren
Identification and diversity of green algae in local lakes J. Albert and S.
Morphological evolution in Alpheus snapping shrimps J. Sarsfield Hultgren
Meta-analysis of exercise effects on hypertension in a rat model  K. Meredith Luckey
DNA binding parameters of the BrxR bacterial transcriptional regulator K. Higashi Kaiser
Presidential Election Results Influence on COVID-19 Cases and Deaths L. Sasaki and R.
Barcoding of Invertebrates from Elliott Bay Marina L. Meyers Hultgren
Assay development to detect DNA methyltransferase activity of the BREX bacterial defense system  P. Smith Kaiser
Comparing two DNA extraction methods for invertebrate barcoding T. Goodspeed Hultgren


Project Student Advisor(s)
Nesting Preferences of American Bushtits (Psaltriparus minimus) in an Urban Campus Setting Celeste Dylla and Hannah Samsen Rebecca Hartley, PhD
Testing the Ecological Limits of Algae Habitat Preference in the Pacific Northwest  Meaghan O'Connor Lenth Michael Zanis, PhD
The Effect of Acute Sleep Deprivation on the Stress Response in Undergraduates  Molly Van Dyke and Kaley Dugger Stephen Luckey, PhD
Quantitative trait analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana growing in a high sulfur environment Karyssa Miller Michael Zanis, PhD
Investigating the cardioprotective effects of exercise in young and old female mice Delaney Kirchmeier Stephen Luckey, PhD
Molecular evolution of methionine salvage genes across green plants Eloise Santa Cruz Michael Zanis, PhD
Effects of Harbor Seals on Salmon in the Puget Sound Bri Ganzon and Zach Duckworth Correigh Greene (NOAA)
Does Chronic Exercise Mitigate Final Examination Stress in Undergraduates? Benjamin Hughes and Ethan Schmitt Stephen Luckey, PhD
Impacts of Urbanization on Intertidal Invertebrate Species Richness in Puget Sound Kalia Hendricks and Morgan Beste Kristin Hultgren, PhD & Mark Jordan, PhD
Genetic variation within haploid clonal eukaryotic green algae Carolyn Fish Michael Zanis, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
Does chronic exercise mitigate final examination stress in undergraduates? Abigail Wright & Benjamin Hughes Stephen Luckey, PhD & Molly Welsh (SPEX), PhD
Split protein regulation of IsmaMI cleavage Austin Bailey Brett Kaiser, PhD
Molecular ecology and polypolidy in the single-celled green algae Micrasterias (Desmidiaceae) Brittany Takushi Michael Zanis, PhD
Covalent attachment of protein cargo to a computationally designed toroid scaffold Caley Polkinghorn Brett Kaiser, PhD
Phylogenetic analysis and DNA barcoding identifies a potential cryptic species within the leafy liverwort genus Porella (Porellaceae) Camille DeRome Michael Zanis, PhD
The cardioprotective effects of exercise in the context of pathology Courtney Olson Stephen Luckey, PhD
The effect of sleep deprivation on the stress responses of undergraduate students Isheeta Tewari Stephen Luckey, PhD
The correlation demonstrated between egg size and genome size within Decapod crustaceans Jeremy Bjelajac Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Impacts of urbanization on the invertebrate communities of Puget Sound Kalia Hendricks Kristin Hultgren, PhD & Mark Jordan, PhD
The effects of used motor oil on zooplankton biodiversity Karena Thé Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Phylogenetics of Phycodnaviruses in the Pacific Northwest Kofi Asare-Konadu Michael Zanis, PhD
Non-invasive species identification of urban mesocarnivores Lorraine Davis & Peter Reinhardt Mark Jordan, PhD
Seasonal responses to distress calls in the song sparrow, Melospiza melodia morphna Mary Dyrland Cheryl Wotus, PhD
Molecular evolution of the Yang Cycle, the methionine recycling pathway, across green plants Nicolas Huarita Garcia Michael Zanis, PhD
Population genetics of fishers in Vermont Sam Levy Mark Jordan, PhD
Solving the mystery of cryptic Alpheus species Sydney Hensyel Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Effects of high and low-use trails on plant diversity in Tiger Mountain State Park Teri Rackson Lindsay Whitlow, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
Sub-lethal effects of lead pollution on intertidal crustaceans in the Duwamish Waterway Lucas Bartholomew-Good Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Evolution of genome size in snapping shrimp (genus Alpheaus) Dylan Gnatz Kristin Hultgren, PhD
The effects of household spices on Streptococcus mutans  Lauren Lau Daniel Smith, PhD
Impact of high-fat diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease on cardiac physiology Alanna McCarthy Stephen Luckey, PhD
Polar crustaceans have large genomes: Latitudinal variation in genome size in Amphipoda and Decapoda Angela Moran Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Drivers of trophic position plasticity for fishes within flood-pulse systems Corinne Noufi Thomas Pool, PhD
Voluntary exercise enhances cardiac growth in response to chronic b-adrenergic receptor stimulation Moira O'Connor Lenth Stephen Luckey, PhD
Development of a virus metagenomic eDNA PCR assay Brandon Palkowski Michael Zanis, PhD
Deep fishing: Dream or disaster? An analysis of the sustainability of deep sea fishing Megan Rodden Charles Fowler, PhD
Developing single-celled approaches to measuring genetic variation in Micrasterias rotata (Desmidiaceae) Brittany Takushi Michael Zanis, PhD
Cyanobacteria isolation and characterization from Pacific Northwest lakes and streams Christopher Trudeau Michael Zanis, PhD
Micrasterias (Desmidiaceae) diversity in the Pacific Northwest Selyna Villareal Michael Zanis, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
Measurement of sedentary vs. active college student exam stress levels Bailey Archer Michael Zanis, PhD
Cryptic species identification of sponge-dwelling snapping shrimp (SYNAPHEAUS) Holly Callahan Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Phylogenetically controlled correlations between genome size, habitat, and development of Grapspoidea superfamily Maria Dalzell Martos Kristin Hultgren, PhD
An investigation on the nuclear and chloropast genetic diversity in cascadian Micrasterias fimbriata (Desmidiaceae) Margaret Gorini Michael Zanis, PhD
Construction of a similar foamy virus infectious clone Cooper Hayes Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Genome size evolution in marine crustaceans Meghan Kennedy Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Developing a multilocus phylogeny of Micrasterias species in the pacific northwest Bayley Larsen Michael Zanis, PhD
Temporal niche partitioning occurs between the Virgina opossum (Didelphis Birginiana) and raccoon ( Procyon Lotor) in Seattle's green spaces Destiny Mims Mark Jordan, PhD
Identifying genes involved in strain interactions between Myxobateria species Brian Nguyen Daniel Smith, PhD
Identifying the genetic basis for tolerance to environmental stressors in Arabidopsis thaliana Karen Nguyen Michael Zanis, PhD
Molecular evolution of the AGAMOUS large regulatory intron across spermatophytes Sun Hyee Park Michael Zanis, PhD
Investigating the DNA binding constraints of the I-Sob2593 Meganuclease Raymond Ruff Brett Kaiser, PhD
Phylogenetic analysis of Isoetes species (quillwort) from the pacific northwest Spencer Seale Michael Zanis, PhD
Examining the sex-dependent cardioprotective effects of exercise in murine hearts Sherilynn Soo Stephen Luckey, PhD
Algae gone viral: analysis of cascadian lakes phycodnavirus genome Abigail Wells Michael Zanis, PhD & Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Quantifying growth rates of Micrasterias species across experimental freshwater habitats Katherine Wood Michael Zanis, PhD



Project Student Advisor(s)
Identifying possible ligands for a putative kringle domain in Thalassiosira pseudonana Max Echterling Brett Kaiser, PhD
Algal Progression on Dead Caribbean Coral Benjamin Gulmon Michael Zanis, PhD
Quantifying River Corridor Habitat Using 2D Landscape Evolution Modeling Kaitlyn Hammond Lindsay Whitlow, PhD & Wes Lauer, PhD
Hair snare box optimization and SNP library discovery of Procyon lotor and Didelphis Stephanie Ingle Mark Jordan, PhD
Patterns of molecular variation of grass species within the Triticeae tribe Tristen Inoue Michael Zanis, PhD
Pre-existing Chronic Cardiopulmonary Conditions Independently Associated with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptom Development in Acutely Injured Trauma Survivors Cory Michael Kelly Robert Rutherford, PhD
Are there size and shape correlations between symbiotic Pea Crabs (Pinnotheridae) and their hosts Charles Lewis Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Utilization of smaller grouper species (Graysby, Red hind, Rock hind, Coney) densities as coral reef health indicators Ting-Jen (Austin) Lin Kristin Hultgren, PhD
Population Genetics of Fisher (Pekania pennanti) in Vermont Meike Lobb-Rabe Mark Jordan, PhD
Effects of pH on early development and mortality of Arabidopsis thaliana reared in hydroponic growth systems    
L. Devin Mackrell Michael Zanis, PhD
Growth Trends of Freshwater Desmids in Western Washington Lakes Matthew Sandrich Michael Zanis, PhD
Non-canonical DNA Binding of a Bacterial Transcription Regulator Bradley Walker Brett Kaiser, PhD
The Effect of Protease Activity on the Integrase-Dependepent Dimerization of Foamy Virus Polymerase Jacqueline Wallis Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Molecular Evolution of Cosmarium ovale Zachary Walters Michael Zanis, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
The Effects of Polyploidy on the Molecular Evolution of Large Intron Sequences Nicole Durkee Michael Zanis, PhD
Exploring the Role of Integrase in Foamy Virus Polymerase Dimerization Dana Emerson Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Exploring Copper Binding Chemistry in the Active Binding Region of Aβ Protein using Molecular Modeling Shefali Kanal Charity Lovitt, PhD and Glenn Yasuda, PhD
Genetic Variability in CRHR1 and its Association with Participant Response to Glucocorticoid Receptor-Mediated Signaling Rachel Knox Patrick Murphy, PhD and Glenn Yasuda, PhD
Tubastraea coccinea: Distribution and Resilience of an Exotic Coral in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Gabrielle Lout Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Karyotypic Investigation of Cryptic Species in Japanese Nine-Spine Sticklebacks Shaugnessy McCann Michael Zanis, PhD
Evaluation of a Predictive Model for Gray Wolf Rendezvous Sites in Western Montana Taylor McDowell Montana Dept of Fish &Wildlife and Mark Jordan, PhD
Camouflage and Color Change Abilities of Marine Isopods Hannah Mittelstaedt Kristin Hultgren, PhD
The Effect of Forced Desynchrony on Glucocorticoid Regulation in Rats David Renteria Cheryl Wotus, PhD
Engineering Selfish Proteins into Programmable Genome Editors Jazmine Richter Brett Kaiser, PhD
Endogenous Circadian Profile of pCREB in the Adrenal Medulla of Rats Maurice Tran Cheryl Wotus, PhD
Analyzing Habitat Diversity over Time Using Landscape Evolution Modeling Brian Yee Lindsay Whitlow, PhD




Project Student Advisor(s)
Attempts to isolate genes involved in strain interactions in Myxobacteria Tsehay Abebe Daniel Smith, PhD
Searching for novel regulators of fetal hemoglobin as potential Sickle Cell Anemia treatment target Aleena Arakaki Glenn Yasuda, PhD
Investigating the fates and impacts of pyrethroid pesticides in the Duwamish River ecosystem John Berude Douglas Latch, PhD and Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Chaperones Aren't Just for Middle School Dances: Improving Eukaryotic Protein Expression Utilizing the Hsp90-based Chaperone Machine Faculty Kelly Biette Patrick Murphy, PhD
Effects of 3-methoxybenzamide on Myxococcus xanthus Jacqueline Bone Daniel Smith, PhD
Evolution of symbiotic pea crab (Pinnotheridae) shape in relation to Invertebrate host phyla Christine Cho Kristin Hultgren, PhD
I1425V Mutant of Sur1 leads to overactivation of K-ATP channel in neonatal diabetes Gurleen Cheema David Ortiz, PhD and Joseph Bryan, PhD (PNDRI) and Brett Kaiser, PhD
Candidate Gene Re-sequencing in Polymicrogyria: From Old to New Hayley Crabtree Glenn Yasuda, PhD
Coffee Intake and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: The Multiethnic Cohort Taisha Doo Glenn Yasuda, PhD
Development of a Computational Method for Analyzing AFM Images of Molecular Chaperone-Client Protein Interactions using LAVA John Goertz Patrick Murphy, PhD
Stress in Chinook salmon during migration Liana Herberer Patrick Murphy, PhD
Effects of dexamethasone and TNF-alpha on stem cell differentiation Stephanie Hahn (AVM Biotech)
Development of a protocol using potassium metabisufite to arrest the barrel fermentation of white wines containing 0.5-2% residual sugar Marissa Marcotte P.J. Alaimo, PhD and Daniel Smith, PhD
Using molecular techniques to identify microbes associated with window panes Shelby Reiter Daniel Smith, PhD
Effects of plant densities on pesticides in sediments in the Duwamish River Signe Poquette Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Shredding X chromosomes for malaria vector control Paulina Renteria Brett Kaiser, PhD
Identifying the binding partners of PACT, a centrosome-targeting domain Ariana Sanchez Tim Stearns, PhD (Stanford Univ) and Michelle DuBois, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
Competition between M. xanthus and M. virescens in liquid culture Peyton Bohnsack Daniel Smith, PhD
Clocked senseless:  Does the biological clock control adrenal sensitivity to adrenocorticotropic hormone?

Siobhan Boyle

Cheryl Wotus, PhD
Distribution variability in pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina richardsi) from gertrude island found between pups and older age classes Erin D’Agnese Rebecca Hartley, PhD
Exploring the role of foamy virus polymerase protein in virion assembly and polymerase dimerization utilizing an integrase deletion panel Katie Deets Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Use of inquiry-based activities effective for after-school science programs Taylor Fannin Jennifer Sorensen, PhD and Glenn Yasuda, PhD
Plant growth: the comparison of top soil, compost and fertilizer Jordyn Frost Margaret Hudson, PhD
Creation of a Deletion Panel Spanning the C-terminus of Foamy Virus Polymerase Protein Chris Hagan Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Comparing urban creek status across the Duwamish River urban watershed Carolyn Huynh Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Living in a blue world: the recommendation by relative chlorophyll concentration in macroalgae for photosynthetic adaptations utilizing accessory pigments to live Elize Papineau Daniel Matlock, PhD
Mycobacterium tuberculosis potentially uses Rho-dependent transcriptional termination Camille Robertson Robert Rutherford, PhD
Genes involved with strain interaction in Myxobacteria: preliminary study Sai Somareddy Daniel Smith, PhD
Evaluation of drug resistant HIV due to peripartum nevirapine Tram Tan (PNDRI)
Is cytosolic thioredoxin reductase also localized in the mitochondria? Karen White (University of Utah)


Project Student Advisor(s)
Effects of Very Low Soap Concentrations on the Early Development of African Clawed Frogs (Xenopus laevis) Stephanie Cao Rebecca Hartley, PhD
Effects of Salt on Biofilm Dynamics in a Gram Positive Diplococcus Isolated from the Human Nares Rachel Furtney Daniel Smith, PhD
Synergy of Compounds in Aqueous Plant Extractions has Inhibitory Effects against Staphylococcus aureus Kristina Ieronimakis Jennifer Sorensen, PhD
Optimizing Detection of CD8 T-Cell Breadth in HIV Vaccines Annie Lester David Friedrich, PhD (FHCRC) and Glenn Yasuda, PhD
Genetic Risk for Type I Diabetes (TID): A Screening System for the Diabetes Evaluation in Washington (DEW-IT2) Study Denise Oh Stephen Ayres & William Hagopian, MD, PhD (PNDRI) and Michelle DuBois, PhD
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Use in Neonates: Associated Complications and Repositioning Emily Pak Prakash Kabbur, MD & Milette Oliveros, MD (Kapiolani Medical Center) and Rebecca Hartley, PhD
Chemotactic Studies of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Toward Amino Acids and a Food Preservative Sammie Rice Daniel Smith, PhD
Fish Out of Water: DNA Sequencing and Characterization of Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus in Pacific Northwest Salmon Parisa Saki Rachel Life, PhD (UW Western Fisheries Research Center) and Michelle DuBois, PhD
Investigating the Effects of Circadian Desynchronization on the Stress Response and Other Corticosterone-Responsive Systems Stephanie Schmuck Cheryl Wotus, PhD
Visualization of Recombinant DNA and Protein Complexes Using Atomic Force Microscopy Morgan Shannon Patrick Murphy, PhD
Flirt Like a Fish: A Combination of Male Chromatic Characteristics and Courtship Display Locomotor Traits Preferentially Attract Female Attention in P. reticulata Sarah Steinkruger Shyril O’Steen, PhD
All In Your Head: Does the Brain Control Stress Hormone Release Through the Sympathetic Nervous System? Nicole Suleiman Cheryl Wotus, PhD
Little Bugs in the Big City: Investigating Recolonization of Litter Invertebrate Communities along an Urbanization Gradient Mike Van Nuland Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Slimy, Smelly, and Superfun(d): Investigating Water Quality and Invertebrate Communities in the Duwamish River Ecosystem Lindsey Youngquist Lindsay Whitlow, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
Damming Proof: The effects of dam and fish hatcheries on three Columbia River salmon species Calvin Allan Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Love Under Pressure: Does stress regulate gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone in free living white-crowned sparrows? Daniel Beechler Cheryl Wotus, PhD
Selective transcription in response to an inflammatory stimulus Savannah Cook Steve Smale, PhD (UCLA School of Medicine) and Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Investigation of the function of a member of an organelle-dedicated RNA binding protein family Maritza I. Duarte Alice Barkan, PhD (University of Oregon) and Robert Rutherford, PhD
The Fruit of Flexibility: The effects of a nutrition intervention on female adolescent dancers Ann Frost H. Jay McLean-Riggs, MD, MPH
The influence of color on shell selection by the hermit crab Lindsay Gossack Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Are maternal antigens targets for autoimmunity in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus? Brian Harrington Anne M Stevens, MD, PhD (Seattle Children's Research Institute) and Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Bursts, Jumps, and Beaches: Exploring the role of predation on the evolution of predator evasion skills in Cumana guppies (Poecilia reticulata) Steven Aung Lin Shyril O’Steen, PhD
Tn and STn glycosylation provides an insight into changes in the glycosylation pathway in cancer cells Marlin Lobaton Kazuko Honda, PhD (PNDRI) and Carolyn Stenbak, PhD
Mammary and bladder carcinoma cells display characteristics of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition when induced by TGF-β Odessa Pulido Feng Guan (PNDRI) and Brenda Bourns, PhD
Dead fish in the water: Mass loss and macroinvertebrate colonization in the littoral zone of Lake Washington Daniel Sullivan Lindsay Whitlow, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
The role of the histone variant H2A.Z/Htz1p in the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of the POT1 gene in S. cerevisiae Nina Arens Yakun Wan, PhD (Institute for Systems Biology) and Michelle DuBois, PhD
Does the Duwamish weaken mussels? Paul Brown Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Food or Foe: Interactions between Myxococcus xanthus and Serratia marcescens Stephanie Denton Daniel Smith, PhD
The transcriptome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rachel Haller Robert Rutherford, PhD
Cowden syndrome and macrocephaly: A closer look at diagnostic criteria Katie Hansen Wendy Raskind, MD, PhD (UW) and Dan Matlock, PhD
The good, the bad, and the slimy: Analyzing the net ecological effects of a non-native slug species in an urban forest Hillary Z.G. Lauren Lindsay Whitlow, PhD
Microdistribution of tetrodotoxin in three species of local nemerteans (Deadly worms discovered in Puget Sound!) Marina Loustalet Megan Schwartz, PhD
Indications of Poecilia reticulata male mating display kinematics as a sign of predator escape mechanism Mimi Thong Shyril O’Steen, PhD
Not just a walk in the park: Investigation of canopy tree growth and distribution in Seward Park John Vincent Lindsay Whitlow, PhD


Project Student Advisor(s)
Bioalgae: Replacing oil with the green stuff Zeshan Ahmad Margaret Hudson, PhD
An analysis of telomeric silencing mutations in S. cerevisiae Sarah Benbow Michelle DuBois, PhD
Immunohistological visualization of  tetrodotoxin in Micrura verrili and Dushia atra (Phylum Nemertea) Mary E. Campbell Megan Schwartz, PhD
A study on the orange coloration of four different populations of the Trinidadian Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) Tara Champion Shyril O’Steen, PhD
Characterization of the cellular components of Dushia atra integument

Amanda Guerrero

Megan Schwartz, PhD

Search for new laboratory verified operon pairs in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Marah Hay Robert Rutherford, PhD
Red and blue light effects on Homalothecium fulgescens Angelo Kho Margaret Hudson, PhD 
Ultrastructural examination of a pilidium larva (Phylum Nemertea) Tara Nair Megan Schwartz, PhD
How mutations of chromatin associated proteins affect DNA repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Thuan Nguyen Michelle DuBois, PhD
Ultrastructure and functional anatomy of cnidae in Metridium senile (Phylum Cnidaria)

Jane Purdy

Megan Schwartz, PhD 

Caribbean seaweeds: A qualitative analysis of four sites Kaelin Richards Margaret Hudson, PhD 
Optimization of a S. cerevisiae whole-cell bioreduction scheme Lauren Slevin Bernd Nidetsky, PhD (Graz University of Technology, Austria) and Daniel Smith, PhD
Restoration? A study of three restored sites in the Duwamish River Anna Vanha Lindsay Whitlow , PhD 


Project Student Advisor(s)
Ontogenetic changes in shell microstructure of freshwater gastropods from Lake Tanganyika (Cerithioidea, Paludomidae) Emily T. Armgradt

Megan Schwartz, PhD

The Effects of Phase variation in Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae Nykky Bradbury

(Seattle Biomedical Research Institute)

Enhancing Perception: Post-Processing Algorithm Demonstrates Increase in Accuracy of Interpreting Breast MRIs Paul Brinn 

Chris Wood, PhD (Clario Medical Imaging) and Michelle DuBois, PhD

Antibody-Drug Conjugates:  Intracellular processing and structural identification of released drug in CD30+ cell cultures Robin Campbell

Nicole Okeley, PhD (Seattle Genetics) and Michelle DuBois, PhD 

The Effect of Hydroxycut on Metabolic Rate, Body Weight, and Lower Abdominal Fat Mass in Mice

Itsumi Cruz

Rebecca Hartley, PhD

Potential benefits of standing for patients with paraplegia and tetraplegia Augustina Delaney

Children's Hospital and Margaret Hudson, PhD

A new species of pilidiophoran nemertean,  Baseodiscus littmani Brianne Duncan Megan Schwartz, PhD
The permeability of Interstate 5 on terrestrial vertebrate movements in Washington Leslie Dunham Robert Rutherford, PhD
Exploring the Scope of Oxyamine-Mediated Glycosylation Jeffrey M. Engle

Joseph Langenhan, PhD and Michelle DuBois, PhD

Tuberculosis:  A Global Health Problem for the Ages Miranda Haley

Robert Rutherford, PhD

HNF4, not HNF6, Regulates Transcriptional Activation of Hepatic Nuclear Factors and Activation of the Human Serpin Gene Cluster Zaher Hulays

Fournier Lab (FHCRC) and Glenn Yasuda, PhD

Fishing for Proteins:  Using Protein Separation Methods to Identify How Immunological Responses Differences in Pregnancy Malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) Patients Karlee Hondo-Rust

(Seattle Biomedical Research Institute)

Reforestation Efforts by Understanding Seedling Distribution & Dispersal of Ecologically Important Costa Rican Tree Species Jennilee Kho

Brenda Bourns, PhD

Attempts to Isolate Bioactive Molecule Involved in the Formation of Ridges Between M. xanthus and M. virescens Alexander G. Kunz Daniel Smith, PhD
Developing new methods of transformation of Oxytricha trifallax Brandy Mattos Michelle DuBois, PhD
Creating Mutations of the Deadbeat Gene in Drosophila melanogaster through  P Element Mutagenesis Katrina Morgan

Glenn Yasuda, PhD

Testing Maximase Enzyme for Improved TILLING Yen Nguyen

Coordinated by Glenn Yasuda, PhD

Operon Confirmation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Chris Rainville

Robert Rutherford, PhD