Equipment & Facilities


The Biology Department has a collection of up-to-date equipment to complement our labs, thanks to faculty-obtained NSF grants, funding from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust in the forms of individual faculty grants and a large grant for the purchase of microscopes, private donations, and support from our Dean and Administration with annual equipment budgets.

Some of the high visibility equipment:

  • Research grade compound microscopes for use in upper division classes with bright field, phase, dark field, fluorescence, video, and digital analysis capabilities
  • Zeiss EM 900 electron microscope
  • Laminar flow biological safety hood
  • Molecular biology equipment, including thermocyclers, centrifuges, electrophoresis supplies
  • Step-One real-time PCR machine
  • Solomat digital meters and data loggers for field work
  • Weatherpak radio telemetry weather station


The Biology Department is housed in a unique underground/ground-floor laboratory facility completed in January 1990. Many laboratories have a bay window into the underground arboretum, illuminated by natural light through a number of skylights. The facility is state of the art in all aspects, including safety. Departmental spaces include the following:

  • Research labs adjoining faculty offices
  • Student/faculty research labs
  • Study and seminar room
  • Microbiology lab
  • Cellular, molecular, genetics, physiology lab
  • Ecology and field biology lab
  • Structural biology lab
  • Anatomy and physiology labs
  • Environmental room
  • Walk-in marine room
  • Electron microscope lab complex, including dark room
  • Greenhouse
  • Two larger general student labs