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Blakely Island Field Station Summer Courses

Summer courses in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University, on Blakely Island in the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound, NW of Seattle.



Below are the courses and dates for Biology majors and minors that are offered in Summer 2023.  The start of summer registration is April 3.  All these courses are 5 credits.  Prerequisites are BIOL 1610+1611, 1620+1621, 1630+1631.  BIOL 3890 also has prereqs of CHEM 2510 and MATH 1210 (or equivalent stats course).

BIOL 4620. Marine Ecology • June 26 - July 7 (Drs. Jen Olson and Megan Friesen)

BIOL 4650. Conservation Biology • July 17-28  (Dr. Eric Long)

BIOL 4640. Aquatic Ecology • July 31- August 11 (Dr. Lindsay Whitlow)

BIOL 3890. Environmental Physiology • August 28 - September 8 (Dr. Cara Wall-Scheffler)

Below are the courses and dates for nonmajors that are offered in Summer 2023.  The start of summer registration is April 3.   This course has no prerequisites.

BIOL 1010. Environmental Biology for Nonmajors • August 14-25 (Dr. Ryan Ferrer)

        [Aug. 14-20 online and Aug. 21-25 on Blakely Island]



Cost per student, which includes tuition, research supplies, gear, room/board on Blakely Island, and transportation from Anacortes to Blakely Island, is $3550.

During the course, all meals are provided by the field station, and dietary needs can be accommodated.

Each class will have the entire field station for the duration of the course.

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Note: Please remember that Seattle University will only accept transfer credit if you have a credit total of less than 135 credits. If you have 135 or more credits, the University will accept only the transfer of course content (and the credit will not be added to your SU total). If you have between 90-135 credits, the University will accept transfer of both course content and credit from a four-year institution. In all cases, turn in a Transfer Verification Request form (via to the Registrar before taking your course.


Interested In Studying Biology Abroad? 

The Education Abroad Office at Seattle University promotes meaningful study abroad and global immersion experiences for students, faculty, and staff by facilitating exploration of options, preparation before departures, and reintegration upon return.

SU Students serve, study, or intern abroad each year while earning credit towards their Biology degrees. Please visit the Education Abroad website for information on programs and advising help.

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