Why Chemistry?

Seattle University's programs in the Department of Chemistry are designed for your success and to prepare you to engage with the complex challenges of our increasingly interconnected world.

What Does My Chemistry Major Do for Me?

When you take a chemistry class, you’re learning more than mere facts. You’re strategically engaging with science in such a way as to launch you into a brighter future.

A degree in chemistry provides a meaningful and useful understanding of the most central science, and your experience in the Department of Chemistry will provide you with invaluable personal and professional development for the next step in your career. Through the process of obtaining your chemistry degree, you will:

  • Master fundamental knowledge and principles from general, organic, inorganic, analytical, physical and biochemistry.
  • Plan, safely conduct, troubleshoot and document lab experiments that answer scientific questions with modern tools.
  • Analyze data, results, theories, explanations and hypotheses by applying chemical knowledge and intuition.
  • Apply mastery of chemistry fundamentals, modern experimentation and the scientific process to address multifaceted global problems.
  • Communicate effectively and persuasively with technical and non-scientific audiences in written and oral forms; use strategies to understand the technical communications of others.
  • Build on individual strengths to work collectively towards a goal, supporting team success through clear communication and active listening.
  • Demonstrate timeliness, earnestness, honesty, self-awareness, self-regulation and ethical responsibility.
  • Develop the habit of reconsidering ideas or experiences to gain new insights, to discover deeper meaning or to improve over time.