Nurse Midwifery

The Nurse Midwifery (CNM) focal area prepares graduates to become leaders and innovators in the dual professions of nursing and midwifery. The CNM program of study is unique in that it includes not only the basic core competencies and curriculum essentials required by certifying and accrediting organizations, but also a focuses on global midwifery practice, and includes an optional clinical course in Global Health for Clinicians.

Graduates of the Doctor of Nursing Practice in Nurse Midwifery are qualified to take the certification examination of the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) and practice full-scope nurse-midwifery utilizing the Philosophy of Care of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM, 2004 at

Midwifery faculty at Seattle University are committed to the humane education of midwives by utilizing the highest academic standards of evidence-based practice, health care service design, and outcome evaluation. They are further dedicated to the education of health care professionals and leaders with a deep commitment to actively work toward a just and humane world for women, children and families.

The following program of study is for students entering the DNP program with an RN and all APNI students who have successfully completed pre-licensure year one. All midwifery students are enrolled full-time.


Summer Quarter - 11 creditsSummer Quarter - 6 credits  
6004 Pharmacology for Registered Nurses
6024 Advanced Pathophysiology
6130 Foundations of Nursing Knowledge
6074 Introduction to Primary Care
6120 Population Based Health Care
Fall Quarter - 13 creditsFall Quarter - 17 creditsFall Quarter - 13-15 credits
6014 Nursing Theory and Critical Inquiry I
6017 Finance and Healthcare 
6200 Lifesaving Skills
6021 Mental Health for Primary Care and
Community Health
6042 Applied Pharmacology
6110 Ethical Care and Social Justice
6206 Primary Care of Women
6009 Advanced Practice Nursing Roles
6203 Midwifery Clinical Practicum I
6903 DNP Internship II
DNP Elective
Winter Quarter - 15 creditsWinter Quarter - 14 creditsWinter Quarter - 12-14 credits
6001 Health Assessment
6075 Differential Diagnoses
6111 Informatics
6202 Antepartum and Newborn Care
6010 Healthcare Policy
6018 Program Design and Evaluation
6160 Leadership in Health Systems
6208 Intrapartum Care
6207 Midwifery Integration I
6210 Global Health
6905 DNP Internship III
Spring Quarter - 14 creditsSpring Quarter - 15 creditsSpring Quarter - 6-10 credits
6015 Critical Inquiry II
6022 Advanced Pharmacology
6204 Gynecological and Reproductive Health
6020 Epidemiology
6190 Quality Improvement Processes
6201 Midwifery Clinical Practicum I
6901 DNP Internship I
6209 Midwifery Integration II
6212 Midwifery Professional Issues
6907 DNP Internship IV (Optional)
DNP Project Presentation

* A typical program of study is subject to change based on faculty and other resource availability. All courses begin with prefix NURS.

Overall Nurse-Midwifery Graduation Rates:

2014: 100%
2015: 100%
2016: 100%

Overall Nurse-Midwifery AMCB Exam 1st time Pass Rates:

2014: 100%
2015: 86%
2016: 92% 

Aggregate Nurse-Midwifery AMCB Exam 1st Time Pass Rate: 93%

AMCB Exam Retake Pass Rate: 100%