Dean’s Welcome

As the new Dean of the College of Nursing, starting July 1, 2023, I am excited to take the helm of a college with an admirable history and strong reputation of producing graduates with the passion to make an impactful difference in service for the greater good of society. Our academic programs and institutional infrastructure are designed not just to train skilled health care professionals, but, in the Jesuit tradition, to educate them as whole persons empowered to lead in making transformational changes toward a just and humane world. This is the mission that I, as the Dean, am inspired to lead for.

I relish opportunities to engage with our students. They choose to come to Seattle University with hopes and dreams, and bring vitality and enthusiasm that pumps the heart and nurtures the soul of our college and university. More than that, it is clear to me that they come to learn with a sense of purpose and responsibility to develop themselves as a person for others. They are not just looking for a path, they are dedicated to the journey. They are not simply seeking a direction they are pledged to a calling. Our students are the next generation of the most trusted health practitioners and leaders. This is a student body that I, as an educator, am honored to help guide and mentor.

And, I so admire the commitment, spirit, and energy that our faculty, staff, alumni, and community collaborators collectively have to uphold high standards of scholarly learning, promote achievement and success, cultivate inclusion and belonging, all in endeavoring to make the world better and more equitable for all. They, individually and together, play many roles, create a variety of spaces, and pursue meaningful actions in support of individuals, families, communities, and populations so they can achieve and maintain the highest level of health and well-being they deserve. This is a group of colleagues with whom I know that I will thrive.

Lastly, I was drawn to the possibilities and prospects for what is next for our College of Nursing and Seattle University, overall. I am animated by the big-thinking vision being crafted by our university leadership team, led by President Eduardo Peñalver and Provost Shane Martin, and what that will mean for our college. The College of Nursing will be a significant focus for how Seattle University will see itself and what it will become known for locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. This is a future that I, as an administrator, felt compelled to help realize.

All that said, entering my first year at Seattle University as the Dean of the College of Nursing, there is much I will need to learn and understand. With sincere humility yet also abundant alacrity, I will patiently observe, actively listen, kindly ask, and curiously wonder—so that I can best serve our college’s students, faculty, staff, and partners throughout the university, community, and beyond. Join me in discovering all that Seattle University has to offer!

Butch de Castro, PhD, MSN/MPH, RN, FAAN

Butch de Castro, PhD, MSN/MPH, RN, FAAN (he/him)
Dean and Professor