People of SU

New Faces

Written by Marcom and Office of Executive VP

October 11, 2016

campus walkway in front of the Bannan Science and Engineering building

Nearly 100 new faculty and staff joined SU in time for 2016-2017

As shown at last month's President's Welcome, a great number of faculty and staff joined our ranks in time for the current academic year--nearly 100, to be more specific. Here's the full list, with thanks to Anne Moran in the Office of the Executive Vice President. (Note: Some are familiar faces in new roles.)


Albers School of Business and Economics  

  • Davit Adut - Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting  
  • Bo Han - Instructor, Finance  
  • Misuk Lee - Assistant Professor, Management  

College of Arts and Sciences  

  • Shari Ross Altarac - Lecturer, Communications and Journalism  
  • Kathryn Bollich - Assistant Professor, Psychology  
  • James Clune - Lecturer, Communications and Journalism  
  • Rika Dunlap - Instructor, Philosophy  
  • Stella Gran-O'Donnell - Lecturer, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work  

College of Arts and Sciences  

  • Jing Iris Hu - Instructor, Philosophy  
  • Janice Moskalik - Instructor, Philosophy  
  • Ebasa Sarka - Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work  
  • Patrick Schoettmer - Instructor, Political Science  
  • Kristen Thompson - Professor, English  
  • Andrea Vecchione - Instructor, Theology and Religious Studies  

College of Nursing  

  • Lisa Abel - Instructor  
  • Michael Kennedy - Instructor  
  • Kumhee Ro - Instructor  

College of Science and Engineering  

  • Mustafa Al-Lail - Lecturer, Computer Science and Software Engineering  
  • Pavel Bolokhov - Lecturer, Physics  
  • Robert Duffin  - Lecturer, Physics  
  • Pejman Khadivi - Instructor, Computer Science and Software Engineering  
  • David Lillethun - Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering  
  • Angela Siple - Lecturer, Mathematics  
  • Mehmet Vurkac - Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
  • Liangmin Zhou - Lecturer, Mathematics  

College of Education  

  • Tyson E. J. Marsh - Associate Professor, K-12 Teaching, Learning and Social Justice  
  • Stacey Robbins - Assistant Professor, Leadership and Professional Studies  

School of Theology and Ministry  

  • Manuel Mejido - Instructor, Director, Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs  

School of New and Continuing Studies  

  • Wanda Gregory - Instructor, Digital Cultures Program  


Academic Affairs  

  • Amy Au - Office of Registrar, Academic Specialist Projects Coordinator  
  • Julia Campbell - College of Arts and Sciences, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Terry Edwards - Office of the Provost, Senior Executive Coordinator  
  • Matthew Etter - Law, Associate Director, Center for Professional Development  
  • Stacey Fullwiler - Lemieux Library, Library Circulation Manager  
  • Crystal Gonzales-Guzman - College of Nursing, Clinical Services Assistant  
  • Kayla Huddleston - College of Arts and Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work, Graduate Program Coordinator  
  • Christina Hughes - Albers School of Business and Economics, Graduate BUE Services, Graduate Program Coordinator  
  • Holly Johanknecht - Law, Assistant Director, Alaska Program  
  • Paige Khoury - Albers School of Business and Economics, Management, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Alice Lee - College of Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Brooke Pinkham - Law, Staff Director, Center for Indian Law and Policy  
  • Jaime Macadangdang - Center for Community Engagement, Budget and Grant Coordinator  
  • Kathleen McGill - Center for Leadership Formation, Manager, Executive Programs Outreach  
  • Luvetra Miles - Center for Community Engagement, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Karina Saunders - Fostering Scholars, Asst. Director  
  • Sophia Sansone - Planning Office, Accreditation and Assessment Manager  
  • Kia Smith - Student Academic Services, Premajor Studies Advisor  
  • Jean Stean - School of Theology and Ministry, Assistant Director, Admissions and Student Services  
  • Ethan Talbott - Albers School of Business and Economics, Deans Office, Graduate Advisor and Recruiter  
  • John Teegarden - College of Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Darozyl Touch - Center for Community Engagement, Bailey Gatzert School Success Coordinator  
  • Andrea Vargas - Lemieux Library, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Meisha Wangerin - SFS, Senior Financial Aid Counselor  
  • Colin Watrin - Law, Assistant Director, Admission and Student Life  
  • Gregory Wolfe - Office of the Provost, Senior Fellow ~ Religion and the Arts  
  • Rose Zbiegien - Military Science, Senior Administrative Asst.  

Executive Vice President  

  • Christopher Barrett - DPS, Campus Security Officer  
  • Andrew Buccino - DPS, Campus Security Officer  
  • Jason Dandino - Athletics, Trainer  
  • Sarah Finney - Athletics, Senior Information Director  
  • Andy Granbois - Investigator/Deputy Title IX Coordinator  
  • Zachary Habner - Athletics, Ticket Coordinator and Fan Development  
  • Melinda Heikkinen - DPS, Assistant Director, Training Development and Investigations  
  • Matthew Johnson - DPS, Campus Security Officer  
  • David Le - DPS, Communication Center Dispatcher  
  • Brandon Mitalas - Athletics, Asst. Coach, Women's Soccer  
  • Jessica Palmer - Office of Institutional Equity, Senior Administrative Assistant/Office Manager  

Finance and Business Affairs  

  • Ruchi Aggarwal - Facilities Administration, Director of Finance for Facilities and Conference Event Services  
  • Eric Elliott - Facilities, Recycling Coordinator and Compost Technician  
  • Linda Floyd - Conference and Event Services, Operations Coordinator  
  • Patrick Gordon - Office of Senior VP for Finance and Business Affairs, Senior Executive Coordinator  
  • Haley Hubbard - ITS, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Fabio Osorio - Facilities, Lead Custodian  
  • Sarah Schmidt - ITS, Project Manager  
  • Tonia Simanton - Reprographics, Retail Services Coordinator  
  • Chris Van Liew - Vice President for Information Technology, CIO  
  • Charles Van Wey - Reprographics, Copyright Coordinator  

Human Resources  

  • Michelle Clements - Vice President for Human Resources  
  • Stefani Coverson - Human Resources Director  
  • Danika Ham - Human Resources Recruiter  
  • Jeffrey Pixler - Human Resources Director  

Marketing Communications  

  • Matthew Miller - Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing Specialist  

Student Development  

  • Jazz Allen Espiritu - Housing and Residence Life, Resident Director  
  • Anna Robertson - Campus Ministry, Campus Minister for Retreats  
  • Frank Savadera, S.J. - Campus Ministry  
  • Amy Sytsma - Housing and Residence Life, Resident Director  
  • Stephanie Toppin - CAPS, Administrative Assistant  

University Advancement  

  • Alison Davidson - University Advancement, Advancement Events Coordinator  
  • Kimberly Jelly - Advancement Services, Systems Support Coordinator  
  • Monica Scott - Office of the Vice President, Executive Coordinator
  • Lizette Solarik - Advancement Services, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Angela White - Alumni  Engagement, Reunion Manager  

University Counsel  

  • Jordan Talge - Associate University Counsel