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ICTC Welcomes New Faculty Fellows

April 15, 2021

Individual images of the five faculty fellows. Text reads Faculty Fellows The Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture
(L to R): Maureen E. Feit, Allison Machlis Meyer, Nova Robinson, Donna Teevan and Lyn Gualtieri

The Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture (ICTC) at Seattle University recently announced its 2021-22 Faculty Fellows representing a variety of disciplines.

The fellowship research grants encourage and support faculty who wish to incorporate the Catholic Jesuit intellectual and cultural tradition into their academic repertoire. As stated in its vision statement, the ICTC “invites the community to renew the Catholic intellectual tradition of engagement at the crossroads where faith and reason, religion and culture, church and world meet—through academic research, reflection and dialogue.” 

Congratulations to the 2021-22 cohort:

Recipients of the ICTC Faculty Research Fellowships

  • Maureen E. Feit, Nonprofit Leadership, “From Transaction to Transformation: New Models of Leadership & Capacity Building in Community Organizations”
  • Allison Machlis Meyer, English, “Both Extirpate and Vagabond Forever: Material Formations of Faith in Early Modern Compilation”
  • Nova Robinson, History and International Studies Program, “The Woman Question: The League of Nations and the Shaping of the International Women’s Rights System”
  •  Donna Teevan, Theology and Religious Studies, “The Jesuit University in a Secular Age: Theological Perspectives”

Recipient of the ICTC Faculty Course Development Fellowship:

  •  Lyn Gualtieri, College of Science and Engineering, “Applying Ignatian Pedagogy to the Natural Sciences: UCOR 1800 course redesign”

 “…What the Faculty Fellowship does is assist faculty in retrieving, renewing and transmitting the best of our Catholic intellectual tradition,” says Jeanette Rodriguez, PhD, newly appointed ICTC director. “As a university, what we’re trying to do is engage—vigorously and purposefully—to diligently strengthen and reserve the Catholic character of our Jesuit Catholic mission at Seattle University. We’re talking about the intersection … between the intellectual, the spiritual and the moral.”

Professor Rodriguez is a leading theologian in the fields of religion and culture, religion and social conflict, theologies of liberation, U.S. Hispanic theology, feminist theology, cultural memory, Christology and theology of inculturation. She served as ICTC interim director since 2019.

Rodriguez continues, “…  I like to think the Faculty Fellowship Program allows faculty an opportunity to connect the great, creative and justice-oriented work they are already doing with the conversation partner of the Catholic tradition in its broadest sense,” she says.

“Whether you’re doing economics, art, literature, history or education … I think in every discipline, the Catholic intellectual tradition has something to contribute or can be a viable conversation partner to the faculty.”