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Seattle U in the News: Public Reprimand of Federal Judge for Sexual Harassment is Rare

October 1, 2019

Seattle U School of Law Professor Brooke T. Coleman tells the New York Times that public acknowledgement of a judge's harassment action is rare for the federal bench.

From the story: In March, the federal judiciary revised its code of conduct for judges and judicial employees to better explain what constitutes inappropriate workplace behavior, according to The Associated Press. The revisions underscored that judges have a responsibility to report misconduct and that retaliating against someone who does so is unacceptable, The A.P. reported.

Judge Murguia’s reprimand appeared to be a rare instance of those revisions in action, said Brooke D. Coleman, a law professor at the Seattle University School of Law. She said courts are not required to publicly report misconduct.

“I wouldn’t say it’s rare in the sense of it’s not happening,” she said. “It’s rare in the sense of we’re seeing it.”

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