Scholarships for Graduates

Seattle University offers a limited number of scholarships to graduate students. These scholarships are provided in recognition of the student's ability to enhance Seattle University's  educational community. Scholarship renewal is based upon scholarship specifics, satisfactory academic progress and, in some cases, continued need.

All scholarships are financial resources and must be coordinated with other types of financial aid. Students must notify the Student Financial Services Office of any scholarships received that do not appear on their award letters. Students must also notify the Student Financial Services Office if an outside scholarship is renewable so it can be automatically included in subsequent award years.

Graduate students at Seattle University may receive scholarships from the following sources:

General Scholarships for SU Graduate Students

Marylou Wyse Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded through the Graduate Admissions Office in consultation with the academic departments for select programs that vary from year to year. This is a limited need-based scholarship that is awarded for two years. Students who receive this scholarship must maintain continuous enrollment of at least 3 credits per term but with a minimum of 12 credits per nine-month academic year. To be eligible to receive the Wyse Scholarship for a second year, students must complete the FAFSA for that year.

Graduate Diversity Scholarship

This is a limited scholarship available to outstanding candidates from under-represented populations. Students must be admitted into one of the following graduate programs that, in turn, select the recipients: Education (Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration, Pre-service teacher certification - MIT only), Nursing and Theology and Ministry.

SU College and Departmental Scholarships for Graduate Students

Several graduate departments offer program-specific scholarships. Scholarships are generally limited; some awards may be need-based and some may be renewed. Please consult college, department or program web sites, faculty or staff for more information about availability, eligibility and application procedures.

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