English Language and culture bridge

The ELCB courses are open to Seattle University students and designed specifically for multilingual speakers for whom English might not be their first/primary language. The courses are highly advanced, with a specific focus on university-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

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ELCB has different requirements for students depending on their English proficiency:

  • Students who have scored between 68 and 85 points on iBT TOEFL or equivalent score on other accepted tests are required to register for  the ELCB courses.
  • Students who have scored  86 points or above on iBT TOEFL or equivalent score on other accepted tests are not required to go register for ELCB courses but are welcome to take ELCB courses if they so desire.

For more information about Proof of English Proficiency Requirement, please visit Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions.  
Important Note: The ELCB Program is only available to students who are already accepted into Seattle University. Seattle University does not offer an intensive English program in which you can study only English.

ELCB registration process

If you have been accepted with the ELCB requirement or you would like to take ELCB classes, here is what to expect:

Registration: If you have an ELCB requirement, you will not be able to register for classes on your own due to the ELCB hold. Please contact your adviser to help register you for the appropriate course(s). If you don’t have to take ELCB classes but you would like to register for one, please reach out to ELLC or an advisor for more information.

Diagnostic Tests: On the first day of each of the ELCB courses students take a mandatory ELCB Diagnostic Test(s). The purpose of the ELCB Diagnostic Tests is to allow students an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and to make sure that they are placed in the correct level of study. Students whose results indicate excellent English skills may be allowed to test out of the ELCB courses. Please note that each ELCB course has a separate Diagnostic Test that measures skills that are taught in that particular class.

Schedule: You need to take ELCB classes as soon as possible as they prepare you for the rest of your studies at SU. Typically, students complete the ELCB requirement in their first two quarters at SU. Any deferment needs to be approved by the ELLC Director. The program is offered during the fall, winter, and spring quarters; however, not all courses are offered every quarter. 
Credits: Credits for ELCB courses might not be applicable toward graduation requirements; please check with your academic advisor. However, ELCB courses do count toward the full-time load for international students and grades are shown on a students’ transcripts. 

Explore ELCB Courses

The courses offered in the English Language and Culture Bridge are highly advanced, with a specific focus on university-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. In addition, the course work concentrates on the American academic culture and the specific preparation for requirements at Seattle University. 

Hear From our Students

Maya, ELCB 0870, 2027

“I had an enriching and educational experience in our class, and I have learned a lot and made great progress. My highlight of our class was the reading of the novel "Born a Crime". I loved the challenge of reading the book every week and enjoyed the book itself way more than I thought I would. I have learned how to read fluently and understand the main ideas, even when I'm not fully familiar with the vocabulary."

Theresa, ELCB 0880, 2025

“In this class I felt grateful to gain communication skills, expand my vocabulary and learn note-taking skills. It is very important for me to improve my speaking, critical thinking and listening and the professor always gives us practice with each topic so we can become more confident.”

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Snow (Xuejing), ELCB 0910, 2025

“It has been more than two months of great learning, especially on improving my English communication and presentation skills. This class is big on speeches, and I have learned using different methods, such as PPT, recording voice and making a poster for my presentations. It is fun and chill, and professor tried to make learning more interesting with cards and small games."

snow testimonial for ellc

Julian, ENGL 1010, 2025

"Throughout the course, I learned valuable lessons on plagiarism, citation, proper formatting, and critical thinking skills. These topics were essential for academic writing and have greatly enhanced my ability to express myself effectively. One aspect of the class that I particularly enjoyed was the content covered and the professor's teaching style. The material was engaging, allowing me to delve into various subjects and explore different perspectives."

julian testimonial photo for ellc

Frequently Asked Questions

No, ELCB courses are only for students who have been accepted to SU to study a specific major. Students will be taking ELCB courses and courses in their major at the same time. If you just want to work on your English, you can sign up for one of the intensive English programs at other colleges or universities in the area.

There are four possible ELCB courses that you might need to take: Two reading & writing courses and two communication courses. The exact courses you will need to take will depend on your English language proficiency and the test scores or other proof that you submitted for the English Language Proficiency Requirement.

Most student complete required ELCB courses in 1-3 quarters, depending on their level. Remember, you will also be taking courses in your major at the same time. 

If you have been admitted with the ELCB requirement, then yes. To find out if you have the ELCB requirement, please refer to your SU acceptance letter. 

If you have the ELCB requirement, your advisor will let you know which courses you need to take. The number of courses will depend on your language exam scores (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) If you do not have the ELCB requirement, you can decide which courses you would like to take. You can read the description of the courses here and you can always contact us if you have any questions about which class to take.

Of course! ELCB courses are open to all Seattle University students who are multilingual speakers of English and every quarter students take ELCB courses even though they may not be required. If you wish to improve your academic English language skills and acclimate to the U.S. university culture, you are welcome to register for ELCB courses. 

ELCB courses are designed to help you improve your English skills and prepare for the rest of your studies, so you need to take them as soon as possible. Sometimes it is possible to defer (postpone) these courses but only with the approval of the ELLC Director.  Planning your schedule with your adviser is the best way to ensure that you will take all the courses you need on time. 

Other Questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Contact the ELLC at 206-296-6064 or at ELLC@seattleu.edu.

Contact us

For more information on any of these programs, please contact the ELLC by email, or come visit us on the second floor of Loyola Hall! 

Aleksandra Petrovich, PhD

Director, English Language Learning Center

Aleksandra Petrovich