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English Language Learning Center

We're here to support multilingual speakers of English excel at Seattle University by providing vibrant learning spaces, advanced English language skills, and insights into American college life.

Supporting Your Successful Academic Career in the U.S.

Welcome to the English Language Learning Center (ELLC). Our mission is to support you and every Seattle University multilingual speaker for whom English might not be their first/primary language by providing you with a vibrant learning environment and resources to improve your academic English skills. English language learning is just one foundational support we offer. We also  introduce you to elements of American culture(s) and expectations in American college classrooms to help you thrive in this university setting.

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We’re on the second floor of Loyola Hall. Feel free to drop in or send us an email if you have any questions!

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English Language and Culture Bridge (ELCB) Courses

English Language and Culture Bridge (ELCB) courses provide you with training in academic English and American culture. They are designed to prepare students who have already been accepted into Seattle University to successfully meet the rigorous challenges of the University’s degree programs.

The English Language and Culture Bridge courses are highly advanced, with a specific focus on university-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. In addition, the course work concentrates on the American academic culture and the specific preparation for being successful in the American education system.

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English Language and Culture Bridge (ELCB)

The ELCB courses are open to Seattle University students and designed specifically for multilingual speakers for whom English might not be their first/primary language. The courses are highly advanced, with a specific focus on university-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

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Individual Tutoring Support

Are you looking for personal one-on-one help with the English language or understanding American culture? ELLC Tutoring offers help with academic assignments, conversational skills, resumes and  job interview preparation.

ELLC Tutoring is now located in Loyola 218!

ELLC Tutoring is for all multilingual speakers for whom English might not be their first or primary language, both undergraduate and graduate, and it’s free. 

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A Global Perspective

At the English Language Learning Center (ELLC), we work from a global perspective, designing our programs and services from that all-encompassing viewpoint and supporting students from around the globe who choose to study at Seattle University. Our primary purpose is to empower international and multilingual students by equipping them with the English language skills and knowledge of U.S. educational practices necessary for a successful academic journey.  

But our focus isn’t exclusively on our students’ academic work. We also foster cross-cultural understanding, personal storytelling and cultivate a sense of belonging for all by building connections among ELLC and other students, our campus, and the local community. 

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Custom Programs for Groups

The English Language Learning Center offers several custom, short-term, cultural-exchange programs for groups of international students from abroad. 

Our custom programs are designed to help students learn more about a specific topic, improve their English language fluency, and provide them with an opportunity to interact with native speakers. The programs can be arranged in July or August and can be customized for two, three, or four weeks.

hear from our students

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The most valuable thing I learned in the classroom was the importance of expressing myself and trying to argue to demonstrate my point. But mainly, I appreciated the respect, unity and affection that was generated during this learning process. I felt like I had time to work on my final research paper and I was able to ask questions and learn about it, which I consider valuable.

ENGL 1010

Meet Our Staff

Learn more about the ELLC Director, Faculty, Tutors, and Staff.

  • Roxanne Brame
    Roxanne Brame

    Instructor and Program Coordinator, English Language Learning Center

  • Aleksandra Petrovic, PhD
    Aleksandra Petrovic, PhD

    Associate Clinical Professor, English Language and Culture Bridge
    Director, English Language Learning Center

Student Tutors

Jane Thomas 
ELLC Tutor, SU School of Law 
BA, Women’s and Gender Studies, French and Francophone Studies, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies from Clark University (Worcester, MA)

Jane was born in Los Angeles, CA, but lived in New Orleans, Massachusetts, and France before becoming a Seattleite. In France, Jane taught English to students at the University of Versailles, which is where her love for teaching English began. She also studied abroad in Dakar, Senegal, where she informally gave her host family English lessons in exchange for Wolof lessons. 

Jane is currently a student at Seattle University School of Law who hopes to become a public interest lawyer who provides legal aid to people in need. Her academic interests include immigration law and reproductive justice in the law. Besides speaking French, she is currently informally learning German. In her free time, Jane likes to read memoirs and eat chocolate croissants.  
Ryan Chiu 
ELLC Tutor, SU Masters in School Counseling 
BS, Psychology, Western Washington University

Ryan has lived in Western Washington his entire life. He really enjoys learning people's stories and wants to help others in whatever way he can. 
Jaymie Poh 
ELLC Tutor, Masters in School Psychology 
BA, Elementary and Middle School Education, University of British Columbia  
BA, Sociology, University of British Columbia  

Jaymie was born in Singapore, immigrated to Vancouver, Canada twelve years ago and is new to Seattle. She is currently pursuing a master’s in school psychology and was previously working as an elementary school teacher.  
Krupali Joshi 
ELLC Tutor, Master’s in Couples and Family Therapy 
BA, Psychology Kishinch and Chellaram College, Mumbai 
MA, Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai

Krupali is originally from Mumbai, India. When she’s not buried under assignments, she loves meeting new people and animals, going thrifting, binge-watching Bollywood movies, trying new okra recipes and being out in the sun. Fun fact about Krupali: she can understand seven languages (and speak four of them fluently)!

Contact us

For more information on any of these programs, please contact the ELLC by email, or come visit us on the second floor of Loyola Hall! 

Aleksandra Petrovich, PhD

Director, English Language Learning Center

Aleksandra Petrovich