Why Our Students Choose SU

One of the best parts of the Seattle University Educational Leadership doctoral program is that its course sequence is tailored to working professional leaders. Very quickly the program achieves its aim of providing deep theoretical learning while simultaneously advancing leaders professionally in their careers.

Sam ProcopioAnt. '17

Without Seattle University's EDLR program, I wouldn't be the fighter for social justice I am today.

Tiffany Sparks-KenneyAnt. '17

The Seattle University EDLR program has enhanced my social justice lens to help me improve my leadership impact on my tribal community and beyond.

Crystal BassAnt. '17

My organization will be facing significant changes ahead as we implement a new Enterprise Resource Management system. The EDLR Program will position me well to help effectively lead the organization through those changes.

James WalkerAnt. '18

I once read that higher education institutes serve as community of inquiries and imagination on behalf of society. I believe this is a great description of the EDLR program as it encourages leaders to engage in critical reflection and to challenge conventional assumption in order to practice one’s profession with purpose, commitment and through a systemic and reflective lens.

Someireh AmirfaizAnt. '17

The course materials and reflective discussions with faculty and colleagues provided me with tools and knowledge to lead with skills to make differences. I have been sharing and applying the new knowledge I’ve discovered from the coursework and research with my colleagues at work. As a practitioner-researcher, I plan to learn and grow with them. With a team sharing same vision and values, we will be able to make difference to advance social justice.

Myung ParkAnt. '18

The EDLR program helped me to realize my potential as a leader, so I could become a confident, agile and compassionate servant to my teams.

Dane FukumotoAnt. '18

What our Alumni are Saying

I enjoy being apart of cohort 35 because we are all dedicated adult learners who come from all walks of life and who are invested in improving ourselves as leaders. We support each other through challenges and celebrate with each other through our successes. The faculty at Seattle University are inspiring and are dedicated to making a positive learning experience for everyone. I truly value the opportunity to learn, give feedback and see faculty use my input into future lessons. Throughout this learning experience, I have learned more about myself and how to be a successful leader in the ever-changing educational environment.

Ashlee Norris, EdDEDLR alumna

What I value most about the EDLR program is that it continually inspires me to be a leader for others. This program has challenged me to grow as an individual and helped me to recognize that being a leader is not about one's position, but about leading by example, living with integrity, and helping others to achieve their personal best.

Marianne McGah, EdDTheology and Campus Minister, Holy Names Academy and EDLR alumna

Leadership is an elusive concept, but Seattle University's EDLR program brings the concept to life. This doctoral program creates exciting new career paths for students through inspirational faculty, demanding curriculum, and a cohort model that encourages students to learn with each other throughout the life of their program.

James Harvey, EdDDirector of the National Superintendents Roundtable and EDLR alumnus

Seattle University's Educational Leadership Program truly prepared me for leadership positions. The revisions build on the program's strengths and will prepare leaders for the transformational changes we are facing in higher education, especially those of globalization and technology.

Jill Wakefield, EdDChancellor of Seattle Community Colleges and EDLR alumna

The EDLR Program at Seattle University is distinctive; it values the whole self, serves as a catalyst for positive social change, and promotes an ethos of responsibility, stewardship and hope.

Jaqueline Gustafson, EdDAssociate Dean, Northwest University, EDLR alumna

The knowledge and skills I received from the program have enhanced my ability to provide solid leadership and to be a value added HR officer. I was looking for a focused program. The program is very convenient for students who work full time. Sharing among the cohort members was invaluable as they were all full-time employees in leadership positions in public or private organizations.

Ben Latsimado, EdDVice-president for Human Resources at Pasadena City College in California and EDLR alumnus

The education I received at Seattle University and the College of Education prepared me for a successful career as an educational administrator. I believe in Seattle University and the impact the College of Education is having in our community. That is why I decided to include the College of Education in my estate plans -- to pay forward the gift of education to future students.

Pauline Cline, EdDEducational Consultant and EDLR alumna

A valuable aspect of my doctoral program was the individual mentoring I received. This helped me focus on my professional passion-promoting gender equity in developing countries-and clarify the priorities in my life. It made me think about how I can uniquely effect profound change on the world's disenfranchised people.

Mahnaz Javid, EdDSr. Vice President, Global Learning and Development, Avanade Inc. and Executive Director, The Mona Foundation and EDLR alumna

Without hesitation, I can say that every day I use what I learned in my doctoral program. It made the difference between a good career and a remarkable career.

David M. Johnson, '87 EdD CEO of Navos

Without Seattle University's EDLR program, I wouldn't be the fighter for social justice I am today.

Sam Procopio 2017 graduate