Undergraduate Ceremony

Commencement 2023

Our team is diligently working to contract our Commencement venue and we will announce our final date and start times as soon as we have a commitment inked. Commencement will occur on either Sunday, June 11 or Monday, June 12, with associated campus events and celebrations during the week prior. For those attending, please plan to be in the Seattle area through Monday, June 12. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Livestream Recording

*Seattle U Commencement 2022 - Undergraduate Ceremony


GradImages is the official photographer for our Commencement. Graduates at Seattle University can locate their graduation photos online by visiting http://www.gradimages.com/seattleuniversity

The following two pieces of information are required to access their account:

  • Last Name of the graduate
  • Graduation Year

Graduates can reach GradImages' Customer Service Department by calling 800.261.2576, if you have any questions or need assistance.



To ensure you receive your diploma/certificate in a timely manner, please be ​sure to resolve any financial holds (including parking and library fines) and update your MAILING address on mySeattleU. Your MAILING address is where your diploma will be mailed, directly from the printing company. Your diploma should arrive to you in late July/early August.

If you aren’t sure where you will be, you can set up your mailing address to be in care of (c/o) a friend or family member. If you don’t include the person’s name, the post office might not deliver it. Example:

c/o John Doe 

1234 Main St Apt 11

Seattle, WA  98122