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About the Place-Based Justice Network:

The Place-Based Justice Network (PBJN) is a learning community committed to transforming higher education and our communities by deconstructing systems of oppression through place-based community engagement. Place-based community engagement is defined by the PBJN as a long-term university-wide commitment to partner with local residents, organizations, and other leaders to focus equally on-campus and community impact within a clearly defined geographic area.

Recognizing the opportunity to learn by coming together, the Place-Based Justice Network's twenty members participate in annual summer Institutes held at member campuses, monthly continuing learning video conference Zoom calls, leadership retreats to exchange ideas and lessons learned in place-based community engagement. The purpose of the network is to transform higher education and our communities by deconstructing systems of oppression through place-based community engagement



See the full Campus Compact 20 program here:

Many Place-Based Justice Network leaders and campus members involved in CampusCompact20 offerings. Sessions will be held next Monday, May 11th through Wednesday, May 13th. All sessions are free and will be live-streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. There will also be active Slack channels to connect with other practitioners of higher ed, community engagement, and service-learning. 

Campus Compact Impact Awards Celebration

Monday, May 11, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM (PST)

Help us celebrate some outstanding work! In December 2019, we presented the inaugural winners of the Campus Compact Impact Awards. Join us as we recognize the outstanding faculty, staff, and institutions who were given these awards. 

Note: PBJN campus members Seattle U and Augsburg University will receive campus awards and PBJN Steering Committee member from the University of San Diego, Chris Nayve, will receive the Nadine Cruz award! 

View live on YouTube. 

Read more about Campus Compact's Awards here:


Learning from Seattle (and other cities): Place-Based Community Engagement for Justice and Equity

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 9:30AM - 10:30 AM (PST)

Our current pandemic context teaches us that place and relationship are central to our communal flourishing. This session is an opportunity about place-based community engagement strategies designed on the principle that communities and higher education institutions should work in long-term partnerships to identify pathways to greater equity, justice, and sustainability. Participants will learn the core values of place-based justice and hear various institutional examples. Register for the free PBJN Zoom call for follow-up on Thursday, May 14 at 10-11:15am PST

View live on YouTube. 


Register for the May PBJN Continuous Learning call here: 



COVID-19 Update: Summer Institute 2020 Moved Online

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on moving the Summer Institute to a virtual platform. If you did not yet have a chance, please respond to the survey online here. 

Save the Date for June 24th-26th, 2020. 

Due to growing concerns about the spread of Corona Virus, many campuses have moved their course offerings online including the 2020 PBJN Summer Institute host, Loyola University Chicago 

We will be offering two 75-minute sessions per day on content relevant for practitioners of place-based community engagement. Topics will include creative response to emerging community needs, sustaining place-based initiatives, strategies for partnering with community schools during remote learning, epistemic justice, and continuing our work through a white racial caucus and people of color healing circle. Stay tuned for more details coming soon! 

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Kent Koth explains the role of the Center for Community Engagement as a part of the Seattle University Youth Initiative

We define place-based community engagement as “a long-term university-wide commitment to partner with local residents, organizations, and other leaders to focus equally on campus and community impact within a clearly defined geographic area”

Seattle University's Kent Koth and Erica K. Yamamura

Want to get involved?

Want to get involved?  Reach out to Erin Burrows for more information about upcoming opportunities to connect including our monthly Zoom calls, which are open to the public.  



Place-Based Justice Network Members:

The Place-Based Justice Network currently consists of 23 members from the United States. Membership is now rolling and is renewable each year on August 1st for the following academic year. For further information or to enroll your institution, please contact Erin Burrows, National Staff Lead at



 Read more about our Members and their Place-Based Community Engagement:

PBJN Members



PBJN Next Generation Fellowship

The Place-Based Justice Network is pleased to announce an extension of the Next Generation Fellowship for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Campus leaders have the opportunity to nominate one community engagement professional from your institution who would benefit from this fellowship experience. If you don’t have a staff person of color to nominate, the PBJ Network would like to engage with you in meeting the goal of nurturing a more diverse and inclusive network. 

What is the fellowship experience?  With facilitation from PBJN Steering Committee members, the Fellows will participate in (1) a one-day retreat prior to the summer 2020 PBJ Institute, (2) monthly zoom calls, (3) individualized coaching and (4) the PBJN Leaders Retreat in December 2020.  The PBJN Steering Committee members will create a learning curriculum for the retreat and the zoom calls that will explore the process and practice of working to deconstruct systems of oppression through place-based community engagement. 

Facilitated by members of the PBJN Steering Committee, consisting of seasoned professionals throughout our network, the Next Generation Fellowship is designed to assist emerging professionals of color in the community engagement field in thinking critically about who they are, who they are called to become, and how they can find the support they need to reach their goals. 

2020 Nominations 

In order to promote the fellowship and recruit participants, we ask that you please nominate potential candidates by using the form linked here by Friday, March 20th.  Self-nominations are highly encouraged as we want to ensure that all eligible participants have the opportunity to apply.

Read the full call for the 2020 PBJN Next Generation Fellow Nomination Request


PBJN Next Generation Fellow Program Directors

John Loggins, University of San Diego and Roxanne De La Torre, Fordham University


2019-2020 Next Generation Fellowship Pilot 

The PBJN launched a pilot program with six Next Generation Fellows during spring 2019. Learn more about the Fellowship via this announcement to the Network via this letter from the Steering Committee in the Spring of 2019. The Fellowship is designed to nurture a more diverse and inclusive network by supporting emerging leaders of color who work with place-based community engagement efforts on their campuses and in their communities. Six Fellows will participate in (1) a one-day retreat prior to the PBJN Summer Institute 2019, (2) monthly zoom calls, (3) individualized coaching and (4) the PBJN Leadership Retreat in December 2019. 


PBJN Next Generation Fellows 2019-2020



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