Mentor List

Justin Santiago

Santiago, Justin

Job Title: Regional Manager, Commercial Sales
Company: Smartsheet
Industry: Tech Sales
Mentor Since: Fall 2022
Will Mentor: Undergrad Students

Job Description

As a Regional Manager, I oversee a team of nine Account Executives. Our team is focused specifically on expansion and retention. Selling motions can be difficult and my role allows me to help propel my reps further in their career through coaching, assisting in sales motions, and providing detailed trainings across the organization to ensure we maintain a strong posture of sales excellence. Working cross functionally with teams across the organization e.g., Product Management, Sales Engineering, Professional Services, to name a few, allows us to bring in deals, align internal resources with customer outcomes etc. As a part of my daily motion I set different strategies and initiatives for my team to engage in. As a result the net outcome is for them to meet and exceed their targets. As we look at some of the complexities of the role outside of the team and look at alignment with customer executives and senior leadership, I must also develop business cases and ROI calculations as a demonstrative to present. This in particular allows the customer to understand the impact a potential solution will have on the business. The part that I love most about my role is expanding relationships! The ability to connect with our customers is absolutely incredible as it allows me to understand the needs of the business we are working with and how Smartsheet can align with their OKRs. Using a diverse customer pool for stories, we are able to align ourselves through all verticals. 

Company Description

Since our founding in 2005, Smartsheet has enabled individuals and teams to become high achievers. We do this by creating innovative work management solutions, mobilizing a passionate and diverse global team, and making a positive impact in communities where we live and work. Today, Smartsheet is present in nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Our game-changing platform is redefining the possibilities of work management and empowering people to do amazing things. Some fun facts: Founded in 2005 Over 3,000 employees Customers in 190 countries Winner: Best Companies to Work For 2019 (Seattle and Boston) and 2021 (Sydney) Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington Additional U.S. offices in Boston and Denver, and international offices in Australia, Costa Rica, England, and Scotland.

Employment History

Smartsheet - Regional Manager, Commercial Sales - 2022-Present Smartsheet - Mid Market,Majors, Large Enterprise Account Executive - 2020-2022 DocuSign -Account Executive Financial Services - 2018-2020 Sherwin Williams Paints - Sales Manager - 2017-2018 911 Driving School - Sales Operations - 2013-2017 USN - Military Police- 2009-2013 


Seattle University -- Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Management and Marketing

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Expectations: Be engaged! Be a thought leader! Objectives: To help accelerate your professional development. Let's unpack this. Sales is not for everyone, it also has an interesting stigma associated with it, have you ever wondered if everything you heard about Sales was true? Odds are they probably are, just kidding. The reality is Sales is absolutely the best job I ever chose to do. I will provide guidance, advice, feedback to help you on this unknown journey that you now find yourself. There is also a key component to mentorship and that is the personal aspect, and my focus is to help you grow in this area as well. As we go through through the motions of our engagement, we will talk about what are the best ways continue being a thought a leader and putting yourself out there. What does this all mean? Throughout our time together, if there is an area where you want to develop certain skills and or increase your overall comfort with meeting very specific objectives, we will align and focus on a pathway together to achieve them. Some ideas of topics we can discuss: 1. Resume workshop 2. Cover letter workshop 3. Coaching workshops 4. Goal setting 5. Why Sales? 6. Experience 7. What do you need to stand out? 8. Being a thought leader 9. Role play scenarios 10. Whatever else comes our way My expectations for the mentee are the following: Be engaged and be present. Time is valuable and leveraging this time together to obtain maximum value. Professionalism and ensuring we are respectful to others in the group If you cannot make a meeting please communicate this in advance to coordinate or reschedule Come prepared and ready to talk Have some goals and when we first meet the other member of the group will be your accountability partner

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

I will attempt to meet in person occasionally, when possible we will schedule in-person meetings. For the most part I would like to have in-person engagement, however, due to location proximity, we will mostly be using Zoom. Favored times are in the evening after working hours typically after 5pm. 

Additional Information

Let's have a great time and leverage this time together to learn and grow both personally and professionally. I am very excited to be partnering with you on this mentorship journey!