Mentor List

Wismar Medina

Job Title: Global Account Director
Company: Microsoft
Industry: IT, Tech, Public Sector
Mentor Since: Fall 2016
Will Mentor: Graduate Students

Job Description

Wismar Medina oversees Microsoft’s global efforts to help local and regional governments accelerate a digital transformation and harness the potential of the cloud to reinvent productivity, create efficiencies, realize sustainable growth, and improve citizen engagement—empowering all to achieve more. 

Company Description

Microsoft in Government. Microsoft is enabling digital transformation across government priorities. We’re innovating around personal computing, the intelligent cloud, and the reinvention of productivity and business process. This innovation, supported by a vast partner network, enables governments to do more and achieve more for the citizens they serve.

Employment History

In his previous role, Wismar was Director of Partner Marketing in Microsoft Worldwide Licensing and Pricing, responsible for landing licensing business models for technology, with Microsoft resellers worldwide. Before that, Wismar built and led a global community of Licensing Marketing Managers for Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft’s licensing group, Wismar played different leadership roles in the Microsoft Global and Latin American Customer Service organizations. His roles included leading the global pre-sales support practice, managing the Latin America call center readiness strategy and driving the Telecommunications procurement strategy for call centers across Microsoft Latin America.  Prior to joining Microsoft, Wismar was an IT and Business consultant. He played different roles selling and implementing ERP and CRM solutions in several global corporations working for Compaq, SAP and Siebel Systems.


Computer Engineering - Simon Bolivar University  - Caracas, Venezuela

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Broad experience in international business, serving the commercial and public sectors. Anecdotes, experiences and learnings of a very international and successful 25 year career.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

After 5:00pm in Seattle. Around SeattleU. Most weekdays. Virtual as well.