Mentor List

Patricia Diaz-Kismarton

Diaz-Kismarton, Patricia

Job Title: Co-Founder/Director of Business Operations & Project Management Office
Company: Vera Whole Health
Industry: Healthcare
Mentor Since: Fall 2020
Will Mentor: Graduate Students

Job Description

I oversee the Business Operations and Project Management team at Vera. We define and facilitate Vera’s strategic planning process and shepherd the organization trough the needed changes to execute on it. My team is tasked with translating organizational objectives (strategy) into tactical operations (execution); from idea submission through projectization and formal hand-off to the implementation and/or operational function. When considering the top priorities for the organization, I help balance the desirability, feasibility and viability (Is it needed? Is it possible? Is it worth it?) of identified initiatives that align with Vera’s strategic objectives. I'm also constantly enabling and supporting optimization and standardization of various business process improvements and growth expansion initiatives My mission is to move strategic priorities forward while ensuring optimization of day to day business operations. Outside of work, I really enjoy anything "outdoors". Quality time with family and friends is also at the top of my list.

Company Description

Advance primary care as the solution to employee health and runaway costs.

Employment History

Prior to Vera, I was at Physicians Insurance for 6+ years as VP of Experix and PMO. Experix was a subsidiary underneath Physicians Insurance, a medical professional liability carrier. Experix was about improving patient safety while trying to mitigate / lower costs. Prior I helped co-found Vera Whole Health (where I work currently). Prior I worked at Expeditors in the Risk Management Group.


Business Administration degree with a major in International Business. Minor in French. -New Mexico State University 
MBA from Seattle University 

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

I hope to spark good conversations in the areas of interest. I hope to counsel to help my mentees figure out what they think and not to advice on their lives. I believe there's no expert adviser of someone's life! But what I can do is paint a good picture of what it is (from my own personal experiences) to be an entrepreneur and / or part of the corporate world. People will often say the got good/or bad advice. That's probably not true, they just got good advice that didn't fit or an advice that fit!

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Moving to Portugal so virtual meetings only.