Mentor List

Michelle Balmelli-Bice

Balmelli-Bice, Michelle

Job Title: Director, National Accounts
Company: UCB (formerly Zogenix, Inc)
Industry: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry
Mentor Since: Fall 2016
Will Mentor: Undergrad Students

Job Description

My work in US Managed Markets focuses on access & reimbursement within the US healthcare systems and health plans. On a daily basis, I am dedicated to helping regional Health Plans and State Government Programs develop effective solutions in the dynamic and evolving health care marketplace. My focus is on ethical, value-based formulary decisions with an emphasis on scientific evidence as a foundation for healthcare decisions. 

Company Description

Driven by science. At UCB, we put our heart, soul and skills into making a difference for people living with severe diseases. We look to transform patients’ lives by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With us, our talents makes the most of who they are, unlocking innovation and setting new standards for patients. Everything we do starts with a simple question: “How will this make a difference to the lives of people living with severe diseases?” And to find the answers, we connect globally with patients and their families living with the physical and social burdens of severe disease. These connections give us new perspectives, drive our innovation, and offer a hope for a new generation of therapies that will help to transform lives.

Employment History

My career in the Biopharmaceutical industry began after graduation from Seattle University and I have held sales, marketing and training positions. I have dedicated my career to therapeutics and cures for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C & B, and other life threatening infectious diseases. Companies I have worked with include Bayer Diagnostics, GSK, Abbott Labs (now AbbVie) and joined Gilead Sciences over 13 years ago where I worked in US Managed Markets.


I graduated from Albers School of Business and Economics in 1991 with an emphasis on Marketing.  I credit my education and years spent at Seattle University for my foundation of leadership, stewardship and compassion.  I am inspired by the value of interpersonal relationships within the healthcare field and working to make positive impact for the future.

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Mentoring to me involves many aspects of personal, professional and spiritual growth. I approach Mentoring with the core values of Integrity, teamwork, accountability and excellence to form the foundation of success. Gaining an understanding of what motivates a person and what they do well are areas of strength.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

I am open to coming to Seattle University campus and/or other location that is comfortable for the student.

Additional Information

I am a person who has benefited greatly from professional Mentors throughout my career. Through formal Mentoring Programs, professors, managers, leaders within the community and incredible individuals who I have met along the path of life. I love connecting people, embracing talents and uncovering new ideas for professional and personal growth. I work well in teams and leading by example. Compassion and respect for everyone in our communities are of great importance to me.