Students majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts with a specialization in Arts Leadership are required to take a five-credit Arts Leadership Internship at a local arts organization that combines classroom learning with real-world experience.

The Arts Leadership Internship integrates and applies the arts administration theories being learned in coursework with the realities of the workplace. This internship will provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in resource development, arts marketing, audience development and general management to actual positions within Puget Sound arts organizations.

Registration Process

Students cannot register for their internship class (ARTL-4950) via SU Online.  There is a multi-step registration process students must initiate, ideally 4 weeks prior to the start of the quarter during which they would like to intern. Please follow our process for the Arts Leadership program as outlined below:

  • Review the required College of Arts & Sciences forms  (please complete as much of these forms electronically as possible): ; Internship Risk Acknowledgement and Release form; and Internship Contract
  • Set up a meeting with your internship faculty supervisor. You must bring the following items to this meeting:
    a. Ideas and specific information about 3-5 organizations where you would like to complete your internship, or specifics about the organization where you have accepted an internship.
    b. Resume
    c. Cover letter sample
  • Apply for and secure an internship.
    a. Follow the procedure described by the organization for applying to internships.
    b. Once you have secured an internship, talk over your internship goals with your organization supervisor, and take notes. You will use these notes when forming your required work plan. Make sure your supervisor signed your Internship Contract.  Electronic signatures are accepted.
  • Complete the 3 required forms.
    a. In order to be registered for the Arts Leadership Internship course, you must complete the 2017 Internship Form, the Internship Risk Acknowledgement and Release form, and the Internship Contract, which includes the work plan. Please complete these electronically.
    b. Schedule a second meeting with your faculty supervisor to review your work plan. Email the forms to your faculty supervisor prior to your meeting so they can sign them electronically.  Once your faculty supervisor signs them, you must forward the forms to Rosie Sabaric in the Fine Arts building office so the forms can be signed by the Department Chair.  The forms will then be submitted to the Dean's Office in the Casey Building. Once the paperwork is processed, the Registrar's Office will register you for ARTL-4950.

During your Internship

You will learn more about these requirements during your meeting with your faculty supervisor.

A collection of student made posters from screen-printing exhibition

A collection of student-made posters created during the run of the 2019 Sanctuary City Project, Vachon Gallery.

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Shemya Dang, MFA
Program Coordinator
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