Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition Rates 2021-2022

2021-2022 tuition rates are listed below and do not include university fees. To see a list of university fees, click here

2-Year Tuition Cost
Advanced Standing Tuition
Cost per Credit

Tuition Comparisons 2020-2021

Two-Year Tuition and Fee Estimates

Two-year tuition comparison table: Seattle University, University of Washington, University of Washington Tacoma, Smith College, University of Southern California

InstitutionProgramResident Non-ResidentInternational
Seattle University Two-Year $49,050 $49,050 $49,050
University of WA Day Program $42,206 $70,608 $72,519
University of WA Extended Degree $65,465 $65,465 $65,465
University of WA Tacoma Three-Year $59,925  $103,616 N/A 
Smith College Two-Year  $70,565  $70,565  $70,565
University of Southern California Four Semester $117,005  $117,005

Advanced Standing Tuition and Fee Estimates

Advanced Standing tuition comparison table: Seattle University, University of Washington, University of Washington Tacoma, Smith College, University of Southern California

Seattle University Advanced Standing $29,135 $29,135 $29,135
University of WA Full-Time Advanced Standing $27,974 $46,965 $47,955
University of WA Part-Time Advanced Standing $41,845 $41,845 $41,845
University of WA Tacoma Advanced Standing $34,230 $59,196 N/A
Smith College Advanced Standing  $38,690  $38.690 $38,690
University of Southern California Advanced Standing  $74,632  $74,632  



General Information-Seattle University Scholarships for Graduate Programs

All admitted applicants are considered for Seattle University Scholarships for Graduate Programs based upon a holistic review of all information received in the application process and available funding. Awards are renewable for multi-year programs based upon satisfactory progress toward degree completion. Scholarship amounts are based upon full-time enrollment of minimally 6 quarter credits per term. Students taking less than 6 quarter credits will have their award amount pro-rated accordingly.

Seattle University Scholarships for Graduate Programs are called Equity Scholarships. 

MSW Departmental Scholarships

To establish a diverse and equitable student population in the MSW program, the SU MSW program offers scholarships that are distributed based on these principles. We offer an Equity in Distribution Scholarship to support students who have financial need. To increase the number of clinical social workers of color, we also offer an Equity in Representation Scholarship to provide financial support to students of color (e.g., Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Alaska Native). Students may qualify for one or both scholarships based on eligibility.

If you plan to apply for MSW Departmental Scholarships, your application, the scholarship form (a link is provided within your MSW application) and all required application materials will need to be on file before the January 20 priority deadline to be considered. We recommend that you submit your scholarship form and then submit your application. The Social Work Department will review your scholarship form and your MSW application simultaneously and any scholarship funds awarded would be announced on your admission decision letter.

Etnyre Scheingold Clinical Social Work Endowed Scholarship

Seattle University's MSW Program offers an endowed scholarship created by Lee Scheingold, MA, MSW and Bill Etnyre, MSW, PhD. The Etnyre Scheingold Clinical Social Work Endowed Scholarship supports students who are pursuing their MSW education and are dedicated to working with society's most vulnerable citizens. 

To be eligible for scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Seattle University.
  • Be enrolled in the MSW degree program.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to community-based clinical social work practice. 
  • Demonstrate financial need. 

Endowed scholarship consideration may require additional documents and recipients may be notified after admission depending upon the selection criteria. Domestic and permanent resident applicants are strongly encouraged to complete a FAFSA to be eligible for any need-based endowed or external scholarships and/or graduate student loans.

AmeriCorps Alumni Scholarship

In recognition of their invaluable service and commitment to positive impact in our communities, Seattle University offers the following benefits for AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps alums. All applicants to Seattle University Graduate Programs are eligible to apply for the AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps Alumni Scholarship.

Recipients of the scholarship receive a total award of $3,000 toward tuition, which is distributed over the first two years of the student's academic program. Eligible applicants must have successfully completed (or will have completed) an AmeriCorps term of service by the time of enrollment in their graduate program. 

How to Apply

  • Complete the online AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps Alumni Scholarship Application within your graduate admission application.
  • Enclose Certification of Service letter to your AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps Alumni Scholarship Application.
  • If currently serving, include a letter from your supervisor, uploaded to the AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps Alumni Scholarship Application.

Notice of Scholarship Award

AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps Alumni Scholarship award decisions will be made after admissions decisions. For scholarship applications submitted before April 30, Seattle University will notify applicants of scholarship decisions by June 1. For applications submitted after April 30, Seattle University will notify applicants of scholarship decisions made on a case-by-case basis, depending on funds remaining. The AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps Alumni Scholarship Awards Committee meets in May of each year.

AmeriCorps Alumni Fee Waiver

AmeriCorps alums who complete an application for any Seattle University graduate program may request an application fee waiver. In the “Fee Payment” section of their online application, applicants should indicate they are an AmeriCorps alum in order to receive the fee waiver.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (GA) in teaching, research and marketing/recruitment may be available to qualified students. These opportunities are generally sent to incoming MSW students in late summer. 

Past GA positions: 

  • Project Research Assistant-Department of Social Work
  • Clinical Practice Lab Assistant-Department of Social Work
  • Recruitment & Marketing Graduate Assistant-Master of Social Work
  • BSW Research Capstone Graduate Assistant-Department of Social Work
  • Research Assistant (General)-Department of Social Work

Find out more about student employment here>>

Student Employment and Faculty Fellowships

Each academic year, the MSW department has student worker positions that may be available. Availability is based on whether current student workers are graduating or moving to other positions. Students are also free to reach out to other graduate programs within the university to ask about employment opportunities within other departments as well. 

Faculty are always applying for grants and funding for research. Periodically, faculty members will be awarded a grant that allows them to hire an MSW student to help them with their project. Faculty will notify students as opportunities arise. 

Funding Databases

The Lemieux Library has a comprehensive guide to institutional and local funding databases.

Interested in fellowships? Check out the Seattle University's Fellowships database.

External Scholarships

There are many organizations that offer scholarships and fellowships to MSW students. Here are some options:

Below is a list of individual external scholarships MSW applicants and students may qualify for. Please consult each scholarship's website for further details about eligibility, awards, and deadlines. 

Student Financial Services (SFS)

Student Financial Services Office is the central department that manages tuition bills, fees, scholarships, and loans. Visit the SFS website for office hours, financial aid information, and payment plan options.