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Design Exhibition

Vachon Gallery |  April 21- May 13, 2022


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Advanced Studio Exhibition | SNAKE PIT

Taught by Francisco Guerrero

Vachon Gallery | March 3, 2022- March 31, 2022

a series of differently sized paper crosses arranged in a circle with kanji symbols..

Silent Lullaby for Lost Souls

Installation by Naomi Kasumi

Vachon Gallery | February 1- 22, 2022

two photographs, Left: a double decker bus a night, RIght: a black and white landsacpe of water

BFA Photography Exhibition | Class of 2021

The projects created by Haley Dow and Gordon Wong in this exhibition were developed during the past academic year. Owing to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the BFA Photography Exhibition is being displayed online.

The Life of a Bus Driver | Gordon Wong

Inspired by the Silence | Haley Dow


photo mosaic of headshots of design students

Design Exhibition 2021: DIDS.ZIP

University Design exhibition reimagined into an online space. The 2021 senior cohort’s exhibition,, is meant to showcase their shared creativity and diversity as a part of a larger design collective.

Sponsored by the Vachon Gallery

-free and open to the public

stitched art on fabric

Advanced Studio Exhibition 2021

Junior and Senior Advanced Studio Students exhibit work created specifically for this exhibition during the Winter Quarter. A spasm of creation, a dance of emancipation, a ripe melon sticky with possibilities, a mindscape, an inward exploration, defying the viewer, and inverting the notion of public display. 


Sponsored by the Vachon Gallery

-free and open to the public

Seattle University Fine Arts Building (FINR)
901 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-4:30 PM