Vachon Gallery

Dedicated to exhibiting works by advanced students in the Department of Visual Art, as well as resident artists and faculty.

This vast and versatile space located in the Fine Arts Building lends itself to large scale installations and group exhibitions.

Vachon Gallery with Fuse exhibit

Our Recent Exhibitions

Taught by Francisco Guerrero

March 7-31, 2024

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In the annual Advanced Studio Art exhibition, Visual Arts students present a collection of their most recent work executed within the Advanced Studio Course. 

Featured students include:

  • Avery Behnke
  • Ivy Bennington
  • Chio Furuya
  • Augustus Harquail
  • Avery Jaques
  • Grace Larkin
  • Audrey Lovinger
  • Julia Lugos
  • Ashley Miya
  • Cameron Mundy
  • Olivia Newcomb
  • Teddy Nguyen
  • Grace O’Dwyer
  • Anna Reiger
  • Ming Williams

“For the past twelve years Seattle University has been offering this course, Advanced Studio, as an opportunity for students to develop their creative work in nine-week pressure cooker. The students start by looking at 21st Century Art and a mere sketch of an idea. Over the course we conduct weekly critiques that help develop a body of work. A spark flares off when a student begins to make work of their own design and meter. This exhibition is a bell jar for that effort within Visual Arts here at Seattle University. The students push their efforts forward, without expectation and devise cosmologies within their frame.” - Assistant Professor Francisco Guerrero

"Ceramics and Prints in Dialogue with Nature"

Arturo Araujo

September 20-October 20, 2023

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'Shaped by Nature: Ceramics and Prints in Dialogue with Nature,' was an exhibition where two distinct yet interconnected worlds of art converged. This collection explored the profound connection between art, nature, and the human experience through the juxtaposition of low-fire ceramics and multimedia prints.

In the ceramic show, the touch of driftwood becomes a vital and transformative element of the creative process. The clay takes on new life through the pressing of weathered and gracefully contoured driftwood, shaped into organic forms that reflect the essence of the trees from which the driftwood originated and the landscapes they once belonged to. Each ceramic piece becomes a testament to the imprint of the driftwood's journey, carrying within it the intertwining narratives of human intervention and the inherent beauty of nature's design. The touch of driftwood infuses the clay with a sense of wanderlust and the mysteries of the natural world, inviting contemplation of the interconnectedness between art, the elements, and the life cycles.

Meanwhile, in the printmaking show, the transformative power of flowers and the forces of nature take center stage. Through intricate layers of printmaking, each piece captures the essence of resilient blooms and the ever-changing landscape. These prints become visual symphonies, evoking the healing energy from the natural world. They reflect the duality of turbulence and serenity, chaos, and order, inviting viewers to embrace the profound interconnectedness between humanity, flowers, and the elemental forces at work. These works testify to the enduring beauty that blossoms despite life's challenges.

Both mediums—ceramics, and printmaking—share a common thread: the profound influence of nature on art and the human experience. This show invites you to explore this interplay, celebrating the intricate details, textures, and narratives that emerge when art and nature converge. The exhibition is a tribute to the transformative power of creative expression, offering solace, healing, and a renewed appreciation for the enduring beauty in the delicate dance between ink and earth, clay, and driftwood.

Born in the Caribbean Sea in Barranquilla, Colombia, Arturo Araujo moved to the United States in 2001 and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Seattle University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish College of the Arts, and an MFA from the University of New Mexico. He teaches art at Seattle University and works in his studio, Inside River Studio. Inspired by nature, Araujo combines etching, relief, and digital media in his work.

Mentored by Claire Garoutte

May 18-June 8, 2023

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  • Adolfo Bravo
  • Kira Daley
  • Michael Elizabeth
  • Eva Gugsa
  • Brian LaMa
  • Jake Nelson
  • Annie Reierson
  • Nat Silva