Department of Visual Art

Visual innovation alongside critical thinking.

Equipping students with essential 21st century visual literacy and interpretive skills.

Students emerge positioned to lead in a future that will prize the ability to adapt, question the status quo and rethink themselves in relationship to the world.

We offer a variety of degrees, including opportunities to combine the visual arts with other art forms and other subjects in our interdisciplinary degrees.

Students can also meld visual art with performing arts and more with Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts Leadership, BA.

Current Students

You will find information specific to your experience on Redhawk Hub.

Collage of photos of seven alumni

Our Alumni

Upon graduation, our students join an impressive roster of artists, curators, educators and more.

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Innovative Programs

From partnerships with the Frye Museum, and Photo Center Northwest, to the Seattle University Artist in Residence program, Pigott Family Endowment for the Arts, we offer engaging opportunities beyond the classroom.

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Our faculty and staff are widely renowned in their fields.