Hedreen Gallery | September 8- November 17, 2019

A group of six artists working somewhere in the space between sculpture and comedy tell jokes about gravity and/or jokes with gravity.
The Gravity Jokes exhibition includes new installation, sculpture, storytelling, drawing, poetry, stand-up, and animation from Seattle-based artists:


Dewa Dorje 

Andy Fallat 

Philippe Hyojung Kim 

Mario Lemafa 

E.T. Russian 

Khadija Ann Tarver 


View of art gallery, Tv monitor in hallway with red curtain beside cubicle with video projection inside

Gravity Jokes, as installed at Hedreen Gallery, group exhibition. Work pictured by Dewa Dorje, E.T. Russian. Fall 2018. Photo Joe Freeman Jr.


Three artworks on black walls. Comedy on video monitors, yellow and green etching, and copper, glass, steel sculpture

Installation View

Left: Dewa Dorje, "socks and family", comedy excerpts, 2016-18.

Center: Andy Fallat, Cyclide, 2018.

Right: Andy Fallat, Perpetual Present, 2018.

Photo by Joe Freeman Jr.



Artworks by Khadija Ann Tarver and Philippe Hyojung Kim. Window suspended near black wall with rug, 6 gray/green paintings.

Installation View

Right: Philippe Hyojung Kim, skin (scape): 9-15, 2018.

Left: Khadija Ann Tarver, I Threw A Brick Through A Window, 2018

Photo by Joe Freeman Jr.

Artworks by E.T. Russian, Philippe Hyojung Kim, and Mario Lemafa. Gray cubicle, gray and green painting, red candy sculpture

Installation view

Left: E.T. Russian, Hello, 2018.

Center: Philippe Hyojung Kim, skin (scape): 8, 2018.

Right: Mario Lemafa, A - mana, 2018.

Photo by Joe Freeman Jr.

Image of artworks by Dewa Dorje and E.T. Russian. TV monitor on a cart in a red hallway next to a  gray cubicle with video

Installation View

Left: Dewa Dorje, "mistakes on repeat", comedy excerpts, 2016-18.

Right: E.T. Russian, Hello, 2018.

Photo by Joe Freeman Jr.

Artworks by Philippe Hyojung Kim, Khadija Ann Tarver. Two sculptural artworks on a black wall, and installation on pedestal

Installation view

Left and Right (on wall and floor): Philippe Hyojung Kim, for the protection of male fragility, 2018.

Center (on the pedestal): Khadija Ann Tarver, The problems of Albertine are lying and lesbianism, 2018

Photo by Joe Freeman Jr.

Artworks by ET Russian and Philippe Hyojung Kim. Gray cubicle with headphones, gray/green painting, white column leaking pink

Installation VIew

Left: E.T. Russian, Hello, 2018.

Center: Philippe Hyojung Kim, skin (scape): 8, 2018.

Right/front: Philippe Hyojung Kim, After the lecture at the former White Pier, 2018.

Photo by Joe Freeman Jr.

 *The banner image at the top of this page features artwork by Carol Rashawnna Williams (2019), Romson Regarde Bustillo (2019), Sanctuary City Project (2019-20), and E.T. Russian (2019-20).


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