This growing exhibition archive highlights curated exhibitions in Seattle University's Hedreen Gallery and Vachon Gallery. Special thanks to Seattle University alum Yasmine Eady (class of 2021) for design and production support on this project. For an archive of student graduation exhibitions please visit the student exhibition archive.

Image of entire exhibition of installation art, production studio, and works on paper by Markel Uriu, installed at Hedreen Gallery

Installation by Markel Uriu at Hedreen Gallery, Spring 2019.

Dan Paz's exhibition of sculptures, video, and projection installed at Vachon Gallery

Exhibition by Dan Paz at Vachon Gallery, 2018-19.


2019-20 Exhibitions



abstract shapes in yellow, green, pink, blue, green on beige background

Abstractions of Black Citizenship 

African American Art from Saint Louis

Curated by Dr. Jasmine Jamillah Mahmoud

Hedreen Gallery | Online at SU Summer 2020

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Image of entire exhibition of participatory sculptures, video projection by E.T. Russian, installed at Hedreen Gallery


E.T. RUSSIAN (High-Res Media Residency 2019)

Hedreen Gallery | December 7, 2019 – March 1, 2020


Carol Rashawnna Williams 

Hedreen Gallery | August 16- Sept 14, 2019

Vachon Gallery (SUVAIR) | Sept 23- October 11, 2019



2018-19 Exhibitions



Performers dancing in Vachon Gallery with green and blue lights and video projection


Tim Smith-Stewart | Jeffrey Azevedo 

Vachon Gallery (SUVAIR) | October 15- November 25, 2018

Exhibition view with two video artworks installed at Hedreen Gallery


Dewa Dorje, Andy Fallat, Philippe Hyojung Kim, Mario Lemafa, E.T. Russian and Khadija Ann Tarver

Hedreen Gallery | September 8- November 17, 2018


2017-18 Exhibitions


Artwork by ChristopherPaulJordan_Image of landscape with cars and houses projected on a window frame.


D.K. Pan, Christopher Paul Jordan, RYAN! Feddersen

Hedreen Gallery | January 24-March 3, 2018



2016-17 Exhibitions


 *The banner image at the top of this page features artwork by Carol Rashawnna Williams (2019), Romson Regarde Bustillo (2019), Sanctuary City Project (2019-20), and E.T. Russian (2019-20).


Hedreen Gallery

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