MACJ/JD Joint Degree Program

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Are you interested in obtaining both the Masters in Criminal Justice and JD degrees? You may complete the degrees in less time than if the two degrees were obtained independently.

The MACJ/JD Joint Degree Program allows you to choose whether their first year of study is spent in the Department of Criminal Justice at the College of Arts and Sciences or in the School of Law. The second year is spent in the other school. The last two years are mixed, allowing you to take courses in both the MACJ and Law School.

Students are required to be admitted separately to both the School of Law and the Criminal Justice Department in the College of Arts and Sciences, and should consult the Graduate Bulletin for the specific admissions requirements for each school. Current students interested in the joint degree option must apply for the other program during the fall term of their first year of study.

For additional information about the JD degree program, please contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at the School of Law.

Please contact the Graduate Director in the Criminal Justice Department for more information about the Masters in Criminal Justice Program.

School of Law 
Seattle University 
Office of Admission 
901 12th Avenue 
P.O. Box 222000 
Seattle, WA 98122-1090 
(206) 398.4200 
Fax: (206) 398.4058 

Kristin N. DiBiase, J.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs 
Seattle University School of Law
Sullivan Hall 210H
901 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122   
Office: (206) 398-4307 | (206) 398-4310


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