Bonnie Glenn, JD

JD, Law

Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Forensics

Phone: 206-296-5920

Building/Room: Casey 4E


Ms. Bonnie Glenn, J.D. serves as a Director of the Division of Community and Parole Programs with the Rehabilitation Administration - Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR).  Her responsibilities include the oversight of interstate compact issues for juvenile offenders, Tribal relations and Intergovernmental agreements, sex offender leveling, mentoring, responsibility for youth on Parole and in Community Facilities across WA State and assistance with policy and legislative matters for the agency.  Prior to taking this position, Professor Glenn served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of DSHS on Juvenile Justice Policy. She was responsible for advising the Secretary of DSHS on Juvenile Justice Policy and developing and integrating policies across all child-serving systems. She helped to institute Integrated Case Management and to develop a statewide platform for obtaining federal reimbursement for evidence-based practices in juvenile justice.

Prior to joining state government, Professor Glenn served as a Deputy Chief of Staff and a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the Office of the King County Prosecuting Attorney. As Deputy Chief she worked on governmental and legislative policy, inter-governmental affairs, and matters regarding truancy prevention and intervention policies in Washington State. As a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney she represented the citizens of the State of Washington in numerous criminal trials. Prior to joining the KCPAO, she served as a lead Assistant City Attorney and Acting Director of the Domestic Violence Unit with the City of Seattle Law Department.  She has prosecuted felonies and misdemeanors over the years and served as a member of the Vertical Prosecution Team for handling high profile cases or the City of Seattle. 

Professor Glenn has served as a Senior Advisor to the Access to Justice Program at Seattle University School of Law and is a member of the Adjunct Faculty at the Seattle University School of Law and Seattle University Criminal Justice Department. Professor Glenn serves on the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission (Chair - Work Force Development Committee), the Board of the Center for Children and Youth Justice, and the Greater Seattle Chapter of the Links, Inc. (Services to Youth). She has served as a past President of the Loren Miller Bar Association, past Trustee of the King County Bar Association, Past Co-Chair of the WSBA Committee for Diversity, and Past Co-Chair of the KCBA MLK Program.  Finally, Professor Glenn has served as a news personality for Juvenile Justice / Truancy Talk for County Television.