Medical Services

 Services Available at the Student Health Center

  • Physicals: For volunteer work, travel, ROTC, College of Nursing, Diagnostic ultrasound program
  • Acute Care: diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, minor injuries, and infections
  • Sports Medicine: treatment of concussions, muscle strains, joint sprains and fractures with referral to specialists as needed
  • Skin Care: including treatment of acne, eczema, warts
  • Women's Health Services: pap smears, pregnancy testing/prevention, PCOS, breast concerns
  • STD evaluation: testing, treatment, counseling, and PrEP
  • Mental Health: diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and depression; medication management for other stable mental health conditions; referral to psychiatry as needed
  • Eating Disorder: consultation and referral
  • ADHD: medication management ONLY with prior diagnosis AND  SU SHC Requirements for ADHD Management
  • Immunizations, TB testing
  • Laboratory Services: specimens obtained at the Student Health Center but sent to outside facility (LabCorp) who can bill student health and private insurance
  • Imaging: Ordered by ARNP in the SHC but testing done at outside facility (Seattle Radiology) who can bill students insurance

Services Available in the Community

  • Learning disorder diagnosis
  • ADHD diagnosis
  • Immunotherapy/allergy shot administration
  • Laceration repair (stitches) or skin biopsy
  • Imaging services on campus (see above-students sent to Seattle Radiology with ARNP's order)
  • Hearing or corrective vision screens
  • Dental care
  • After-Hours and Emergency Care