Faculty and Staff Roster

Photo of Robin Bjorkquist, Ph.D.

Robin Bjorkquist, Ph.D.


Assistant Teaching Professor

Phone: 206.296.2583

Building/Room: BANN 158

Photo of Joseph McEwen

Joseph McEwen

Instructor, Physics

Building/Room: BANN 100

Photo of Casandra Ruiz

Casandra Ruiz

Physics & Electrical and Computer Engineering

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206-296-5970

Building/Room: BANN 225

Photo of Chris Varney, Ph.D.

Chris Varney, Ph.D.


Laboratory Manager

Phone: 206.296.2833

Building/Room: BANN 134

Photo of Bert Xue

Bert Xue



Phone: 206-296-5939

Building/Room: BANN 156