Research Laboratories

There are several laboratories and spaces that are dedicated to supporting mechanical engineering faculty research in following areas

Soft Robotics Laboratory Develop and fabricate untethered, light, flexible, portable, and affordable rehabilitation medical devices from soft polymers, gels, and fluids for easy at-home use. 

BioFuel Research Optimization algae growth for use in biodiesel production, renewable energy development, energy and environment.

Composite Research Advanced aerospace composite materials testing and characterization, including NDE using ultrasonic methods.

Soft Robotics Laboratory

Soft Robotics for Finger Rehabilitation

  • FormLab Form 3L SLA 3D Printer
  • Vacuum Chamber with Pressure Gauge
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Elastomer Molding Lab  

BioFuel Laboratory

  • Ultra-low energy consumption microalgae dewatering
  • Continuous and batch microalgae dewatering reactors
  • FlowCAM® flow cytometer
  • Spectrophotometer, pH meters and conductivity probes

Materials Laboratory

  • 55-kip MTS 810 servo hydraulic test machine with Flex SE controller
  • Computerized data acquisition system
  • DigitalWave Fracture Wave detector, amplifier, & transducers
  • Olympus NDT pulser
  • Metallographic systems and optical microscopes

Computational Research Lab

  • Lenovo P350 Tower
    • i9-11900 CPU
    • NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU
    • 16GB RAM
  • 2 Lenovo P360 Towers
    • i9-12900 CPU
    • NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPU
    • 32GB RAM
  • Software:
    • Microsoft Suite
    • Ansys R2022
    • Solidworks 2021
    • Arduino/Python
Headshot of Mauricio Gutierrez Amezquita
Mauricio Gutierrez Amezquita

Mechanical Engineering Lab Manager