Instructional Laboratories

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab

  • Solidworks
  • SolidCam
  • Matlab & Simulink
  • Microsoft VisualStudio

Instrumentation Lab

  • Instrumentation for vibration sensing, digital I/O, temperature, motor control
  • MPLABX Development Software for embedded microcontrollers
  • Electronics prototyping and testing equipment
  • High-speed digital camera and motion analysis software

Thermal Systems Lab

  • HVAC, refrigeration, temperature sensing laboratories
  • Heat transfer labs: boiling, condensation, convection, conduction
  • Instrumented engine lab
  • Wind tunnel

Materials Science Lab

  • Optical microscopy
  • Metallographic supplies
  • 55-kip MTS test frame with extensometer and DAQ
  • Composite manufacturing

3D Printing Lab

  • Variety of 3D printers
  • Run by a student club

Dynamic Systems Lab

  • Instrumented spring mass damper
  • Instrumented coupled pendulum
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Quanser control labs
Headshot of Mauricio Gutierrez Amezquita
Mauricio Gutierrez Amezquita

Mechanical Engineering Lab Manager