Registration Procedures


Students register for courses on their own using the online registration system, MySeattleU.  Continuing students register for classes during the registration week. This is a period (usually about the seventh week of every quarter) during which students may register for the following quarter. Students are given a day and time when they can register (this appears in MySeattleU a couple weeks before registration week).  Students are encouraged to register as soon as their registration time becomes available as courses will fill up.   

In order to register:

  • Any holds must be resolved. These show up as notifications within MySeattleU. Holds may be placed on your account that prevent from students being able to register (such as a financial hold due to an outstanding balance).   
  • Undergraduates are required to submit a plan and have it approved by their advisor. This should be done in the advising period (the three weeks before registration week). Having a plan approved by their advisor is recommended for graduate students. 

Students can register and drop courses until the add/drop deadline (one week after the quarter begins). After the add/drop deadline, students are unable to add courses.  They can withdraw from courses until the withdrawal deadline (usually about the sixth week of every quarter).  If a student withdraws from a course, a W grade will be recorded on the transcript, but this grade will not contribute to the GPA.  

New Students 

New undergraduate students will receive assistance on registering for their first quarter here. 

New graduate students are eligible to register once their account on MySeattleU is fully activated. If this occurs prior to registration week, new students will need to wait until registration week to register. 

Course Prerequisites and Restrictions 

Students must meet stated course prerequisites in order to register for the course. Students who do not meet the prerequisites will not be permitted to register for the course. Course prerequisites often have grade minimums that also need to be met. If you do not meet the minimum grade for a prerequisite, you will not be allowed to take the course.

  • Note that it is university policy that graduate students must earn a C or higher in graduate courses in order to receive credit. As such, all graduate prerequisite courses, unless specified otherwise, implicitly have a grading minimum of a C or better. 
  • A pending grading grievance or incomplete is not sufficient for meeting the grade minimum (unless the grade already meets the minimum). In order to register for a subsequent course, the grading grievance or incomplete must be resolved before the add/drop deadline.
  • If prerequisites are not being recognized, contact the department (  

Some undergraduate courses are only open to computer science students. Students in other majors can take those courses if space permits - they need to fill out the WISE form (see Closed Courses section below). 

The undergraduate capstone project courses (CPSC 4800, 4870, 4880, and 4890) use a different registration procedure. Students register by completing an electronic form in the spring (instead of using MySeattleU) for the fall courses CPSC 4800 and CPSC 4870. Students will automatically be added to the appropriate sections of CPSC 4880 and CPSC 4890 shortly after registration week.

Graduate courses in the computer science department are broken down using this numbering scheme:

  • CPSC 5001 - 5042 represent Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate courses. These courses are only open to students in the Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate program. These courses are not open to students in the MSCS (unless specified as a condition of provisional admittance), students in other graduate programs, or by undergraduate students.
  • CPSC 5070-5080 represent service courses for students in other graduate degrees. These courses do not satisfy any requirements for any computer science program and should not be taken by a student in a computer science program. 
  • CPSC 5110 and above represent MSCS courses. These courses are only open to students in the MSCS program including the Fast Track program. Students in the Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate program, senior undergraduate students (not in the Fast Track), or graduate students in related fields can seek approval to take MSCS courses if they have sufficient computer science background. 

Closed Courses

Due to the popularity of computer science, courses may fill. If a desired course is full, students will need to fill out a WISE form which add students to a waitlist. Students are encouraged to fill out the WISE form immediately after registration fails. There are two deadlines to be aware of:

  • In order to be considered in the initial processing of the waitlist, the entry must be submitted before an initial deadline will be communicated each quarter. The deadline is typically sometime during the week after registration week.
  • If a student needs to retake a course they are currently in that is closed, it needs to be submitted by noon (12:00pm PST) the day after grades have been posted. 

The department only maintains waitlist for computer science courses. In particular, the department cannot do the following:

  • Register a student for a course that is not a computer science course. For further information, consult this page
  • Register a student who has a registration hold. The hold needs to be resolved before you can register.
  • Register a student for the same class as they are currently in (retaking a class that a student expects a low grade in). This is a system limitation that cannot be overridden. Students need to wait until grades are posted for that quarter. 

For more information on the waitlist, click here for the CS Waitlist Policy