Students who are Parents

We’re here to support student parents in balancing family, school and work life.

We’re here to help

Students who are parents juggle many responsibilities while in college. Students who are parents at Seattle University have a community on campus dedicated to supporting your successful path towards graduation. This page contains links to helpful resources to help you during your time at Seattle University. 

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Childcare Resources

Finding high-quality childcare is one of the biggest decisions you may be faced to make when balancing school and family. While we are unable to offer on-campus childcare or financial assistance, we would like to equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate your many options for licensed childcare.

Child care centers are multi-classroom programs located in a non-residential facility. Children are typically grouped with same-age peers in groups or classrooms.

Family Child Care Homes care for a mixed age group in a person's home and meet the same standards as center-based programs. Family child care can offer more individualized care and offer a learning environment that reflects the families enrolled.

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Family-friendly Events

Parent Map hosts a calendar of Puget Sound events for families. You’ll find movie screenings, library story times, brewery tours, museum treks and kids camps, as well as a robust offering of free events and tickets.

Families of Color Seattle builds a strong community by supporting families of color through equitable parenting programs, resource sharing and meaningful connections.

Campus facilities for student parents

We are continually improving our campus facilities to provide services and accommodations. If you have suggestions for how we can better meet your needs, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Pregnancy and Health

The Student Health Center provides primary care services for all students. Many service fees are at or below $20. Some of the services include Women's Health Services, STD evaluation, Mental Health diagnosis and treatment, and more.

Lactation Rooms

SU maintains Lactation Rooms in Sinegal 265, Admin 200 and Garrand 101. Please email our office or call us at (206)296-6291 or Public Safety at (206)296-5990 for the access code

Food Security Initiatives

Seattle University has established a food pantry to assist SU community members experiencing food insecurity and hunger. The pantry is located in Pavilion 180.

Counseling and Relationships

Every SU student is eligible for free and confidential, short-term therapy. A team of professional and licensed physicians and therapists can help you explore issues of becoming a parent, maintaining healthy relationships and managing self-care.

Off-Campus Housing

Currently, our housing options do not currently include family units. The Seattle Housing Authority frequently works with SU students to help you find low-cost accommodations in the greater Seattle area.