Signing Up


Q: “What are the dates for Summer Orientation in Seattle?” 

*Dates for 2018 Orientation will go live in the Spring*


A: The dates for Summer Orientation in Seattle 2017 are as follows:

(New Students)

Session 1: Monday, July 10 - Tuesday, July 11    
Session 2:  Thursday, July 13 - Friday, July 14
Session 3: Monday, July 17 - Tuesday, July 18                       
Session 4:  Thursday, July 20 - Friday, July 21   
Session 5: Saturday, July 29 (in Honolulu, HI)  


(Transfer Student Orientation)

Session 1: Tuesday, July 25 (Concurrent Family Orientation)
Session 2: Tuesday, September 12 (Consolidated session for adult learners)
Session 3: Wednesday, September 13 (Concurrent Family Orientation) 


Q: “Is Orientation mandatory? Do I need to attend all Orientations?”

A: Attending Orientation is mandatory. Programming during our Orientations are the same, so you only need to attend one session. You are encouraged to take full advantage of our Welcome Week activities, which will include new information and opportunities prior to the start of the quarter.


Q: “How do I sign up for an Orientation?”

A: You are able to register for your Orientation by logging into the new student Canvas Course.  If you check your SU email account, you should see an invitation to the course.  From there you’ll have a few items to add to your to-do list, one of which will be registering for Orientation. You’ll be able to do this all online, and will even be able to sign up a family member to attend with you.


Q: “I cannot attend any of the Summer in Seattle dates. Is there a make-up Orientation?”

A: If you are unable to attend any of the Summer in Seattle dates, please email and let us know your reasoning. We do offer a make-up Orientation in September for those with legitimate conflicts.


Preparing for Orientation


Q: “I am a student. What should I bring to Orientation?”

A: Summer in Seattle will begin early in the morning on Day 1 and continue through the late afternoon on Day 2.  Students are expected to stay on campus overnight, even if they are commuting during the academic year. 

We provide:

  • Room
  • Pillow, sheets, blankets
  • Towel
  • Lunch and dinner on Day 1
  • Breakfast and lunch on Day 2


Students should bring:


  • A change of clothes/overnight bag
  • Toiletries
  • Shower shoes (if desired)
  • Water bottle
  • Small snacks


Q: “Is housing available for families on campus?”

A: Housing for families during Orientation sessions in June and July is offered, however, spaces are limited and therefore on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

If you would like to set up on-campus housing please let Conference and Event Services know by registering here: https://www.regonline.com/FamilyHousing2017





Q: “I need to make travel plans. What information do I need to know?

A: On May 5th you will be able to register for your desired orientation date. There is limited space for each session and it is first come first serve on registering for the sessions. After you register you will receive a confirmation email for the orientation session, this is now your assigned orientation session.


Q: “What time do I have to be there on the first day and what time are we done on the second day.”

A: If you do not need to take a placement exam check-in is at 10:30am on the first day and will wrap around 3:30 on the second day.


Q:“Where can I find cheap flights?”

A: We strongly advise you to make travel arrangements well in advance after choosing your Orientation date.  If the only session that you can attend is full, please contact our office, and we may be able to accommodate you on a waitlist for that session. If you know that you won’t be able to make it to any of the Orientation sessions listed, please email us back with the reason, so that we can help place you in a make-up Orientation prior to the start of Fall Quarter. These accommodations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited. 


Once You Arrive


Q: “What time and where do I check in for Orientation”

A: All check-ins will take place in the Student Center lobby. For full-day Transfer Orientations, check-in begins at 8:30am. Consolidated Transfer Orientations, check-in begins at 12:30pm. Summer in Seattle Orientation sessions check-in will begin at 10:15am.


Q: “Can we arrive late/leave early?”

A: (New Students)

Our orientations in the summer are mandatory for all students.  Throughout the two-day sessions we will be handing out important materials that students will use for the rest of the school year such as their ID Cards, while also going over important information that students and their families will need to know for fall.  It is because of these reasons that we ask that students and families stay throughout the entire program. 

Below are the times that our programing will begin and end:

Programing officially begins on Day 1 with check-in at 10:15-11am.  However if your student has to take a placement exam they must be on-campus at 8:15am.  There is also an optional campus tour given at 9:30am before check-in.

Programing ends at 3:30pm on Day 2.

(Transfer Students)

Our orientations are mandatory for all students.  Throughout the one day session we will be handing out important materials that you will use for the rest of the school year such as ID Cards, while also going over important information that you will need to know for fall.  It is because of these reasons that we ask that students stay throughout the entire program. 

Below are the times that our programing will begin and end:

Programming officially begins with check-in at 8:30am.  Programming officially ends at 3:30pm, however, if you need to take care of any business on-campus plan to stay after.


Q: I signed up for early arrival, where do I check in?

A: When you arrive on campus, please check in to Bellarmine Hall located at 1111 East Columbia St, Seattle, WA 98122. Please visit our website for more information about what to expect when you arrive on campus, including directions on getting here and an SU Campus Map. A Conference Assistant will be available at the front desk to assist you with checking in. You may call the Bellarmine front desk at (206) 296-6280 if you have questions.


Q: “Do I have time to drop off my stuff in the rooms?

A: Check-in for Summer Sessions begins on Day 1 at 10:15am and ends at 11am.  During check-in, students will have time to drop off bags in their assigned rooms and settle in. 


For Family and Guests


Q: “When should family members and guests leave Welcome Week?  Are family members and guests allowed to participate in Welcome Week events”

A: Family members and guests of new students are asked to leave after Father Steve’s Farewell Address at 4pm.  Welcome week programming is only for the new students and has been created with the intention of getting them acclimated to the campus, surrounding area, and acquainted with their peers. 


Q: “Am I allowed to bring my friend to my summer session? Can they be on the student track with me?”

A: New students are allowed to bring guests as long as they are registered for the session through RegOnline.  There is a $70.00 fee per added guest that will cover the cost of food for both days.  It is our policy that any guests that come with the new student stay on the family track.  This is important since the student track has information especially important for new students and allows for them to meet their new peers. 



 Advising, Move-In, and Placement Exams


Q: Do I have to take a placement exam?

A: Placement exams are optional, but recommended for some students based on your major and interests.  If you are unsure if it is recommended please contact your college and they can assist you with the process. Placement exams offered are Spanish, French and Math (This test is offered online). Please note you do not have to sign up for a placement exam, just arrive at the scheduled check-in time of 9am.


Q: “Can I get my schedule or meet with my advisor before orientation”

A: Advisors are working to get current and new student schedules prepared by Fall.  Advisors are also helping at all of our Orientation programs for both first-year and transfer students. Due to the large workload that they have, students will be able to meet with advisors and get their Fall schedules no earlier than summer orientation.


Q: “When is Move-in and at what time does it start?”

A: Move-in is scheduled for September 16th, 2017 starting at 9AM.  New students will receive an e-mail from housing giving an exact check-in time.  It is crucial that new students and those helping them move-in are at the front desk of the residence hall at the exact check-in time. 



Any question in general

(Most questions can be answered if the student has already checked their SU E-mail)

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